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Ancient Loyalties

A little collaboration I did with :icontechrainbow:

I hope you all enjoy and don't forget to leave Feedback!
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I remember this clearly... Do you still make wallpapers as great as this?
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One word.... AWESOME!!
ЯD... poison in russian, doesn't matter, it's awesome)
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Someone told me that before too, I guess it makes the wallpaper a sorta double entendre because the theme I was attempting. Either way, thanks for the compliment :3
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Amazing! Good job dude :D
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Do you know the letter "Я" exist? Actually, I can read "Яд" here which means " a poison" in Russian. Is it "rainbow dash"?
Anyway I like it)
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Yeah, It's a little Rainbow Dash logo that my friend made.

O_O That's fricking awesome! Also oddly fitting to the look of the Wallpaper, the sort of dried, cracked texture I did.

Thanks for the interesting lesson!
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LOL Ur welcome XD
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ахах лол яд
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Скажи спасибо, что она не какой-нибудь Evening Raspberry и палитра не сине-бело-красная. Я б там плакала.
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Definitely adding this to my wallpaper slide show. ^-^
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Why, thank you!
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Awesome Wallpaper!!!
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Looks awesome. :D

If I may ask, where do you find your textures?
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here's a site I use sometimes [link] hope it helps :)
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Om my gerd! That helps me too! :D Hooray for more textures!
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I just google, if I am lookng for a specific kind of texture, something like "Stone Wall Texture", or if I am just Looking to stock up on em, just look up Photoshop Textures. I normally find a lot that I like and just download them, of course that may not be entirely efficient but you could also look them up on Deviant Art and find textures that say "You have my permission to use this" unless it is implied otherwise. (always safe to ask nonetheless)
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