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I am perversion, sick with desire

I wanted to draw a full body shot of the "deathrock guy" from the drawing "In the darkness far away I'll hide and I'll stay" so we can see him in all his on stage persona glory! I don't know if he would be suited to be the lead singer or just kind of hide in the back. So for now he is the lead singer and bassest of the band SKINNED which I came up with years ago but never came up with any "real" songs or fashion/ look to the band. Just from the fashion I would say SKINNED in my mind would sound like Industrial-Punk Rock-Grunge-Heavy Metal.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~History of the SKINNED album cover/ poster/ band ideas~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Back in 2010 I made a SKINNED band poster/ album cover that looked like this… which was a digital version of the traditional one that I don't have anymore. It had a guitar with broken strings with two "medical snakes" going up it in a double helix and the "S" in the title was drawn like a snake. The title SKINNED is based off of a Blind Melon song which is about the serial killer Ed Gein and in the lyrics are jokingly talking about how he made furniture out of peoples skin "I'll make a lampshade of durable skin........when will the kill be too much meat for me to hide....." Later in the same year of 2010 I added a lot more things to the cover that reflected the traditional one like the Tiger Lilly flowers which pay homage to the dead fetus collage on the back cover of the album Nirvana In Utero and it looks like this…. I will hopefully remake this again in the current times.

Reblog-able version of this pic on my tumblr 'Embrace Darkshade'…
Digital version of this guy…
Character design by me :iconembracedarkshade:

Title lyric from Nine Inch Nails "Burn"

Name: Ashen Synth

Born: 10-7-1987

Height: 5'8”

Weight: 136 lbs

Personality: Arrogant because of being drunk most of the time, willing to try anything new, loves writing loud obnoxious music with heavy influences from Nine Inch Nails, loves taxidermy and collecting skeletons of dead animals

Additional Info: He's the bass player and sometimes singer (when he wants to) for the band SKINNED

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