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One of my dragon drawings. A dragon hanging on a corner of the paper sheet ;) It was done for letter-illustration purpose.
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Very cool!
Love the Wings Details
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nice, love the simplicity of that picture

Greetings from Germany
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This is something I would do.. just not this good..
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Uhm, hi! I was searching for this old pic, and... I think I've found a traced one :/…
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Very nice! I like the technique!
'm a clothing designer and would LOVE to put this dragon on the front of a coat.  PLEASE say yes.  It would be mine, never to sell, to show what can be done giving you credit for the art.  I can do anything with fabric/fiber but can't draw worth a lick.
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Its so CUTE!!!!
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Amazing! I just love how mischievous it looks

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LOVE the illusion. Keep up the great art.
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That's awesome.  Would look cool pained on a door :)
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cool i love the detial
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dang..this is really good
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Awesome picture!
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would you mind if used this as a base for a dragon tattoo this is the only perfect dragon  i have found in the last two years that i could use as a tattoo and i would ad a mountain and the other wing but i dont feel right using someone elses design unless i asked x
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beautiful dragon!!
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That's so cute x3
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