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Hey guys, been awhile. I mean good grief I still have a bunch of sold adopts in the open folder. I even have a bunch of stuff stored on Stash I just never uploaded here for whatever reason. Gonna try and be active again. Cleaning up my gallery as we speak
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Pony Base Edits: Chibis - $4 flat,  $6 shaded Headshots - $4 flat, $6 shaded Busts/half bodies - $6 flat, $9 shaded Full Bodies -  $10 flat, $14 shaded Reference sheets start at $9 and go up to $25 Additional characters are +50% per character. Example: a shaded chibi couple piece would be $9 Complex characters may carry additional charges. Custom pony characters have three tiers - Small $3 (uses the BaseAdopts base with GlaciesPanda add ons), Medium $6 (uses a canon style or other similar base), Large $12 (uses a silent-umbra or other similar base and will be finished as a simple reference sheet with color pallete) Anthro/Furry/Scalie Base Edits: Headshots $5 flat, $8 shaded Half bodies $13 flat, $17 shaded Chibis $10 flat, $14 shaded Prices for other things such as my butt YCH vary depending on what it is. The butt ych in particular is $5 flat and $8 shaded Complex characters may carry additional charges. I also do NSFW for an additional charge as well, however you
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Yeah it's been forever since I was active here. Fixing to spam submit some stuff. RiP.
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Hey watch out! There's a hacker on the loose hacking the groups, you need to protect your groups!

are you open for trades?

Tentatively, yes. If you don't mind a slow trade partner.

I was thinking about a different kind of trade, if you're interested ^^;it doesn't really require too much effort on your part. Sorry I feel stupid for asking someone random but I've asked two other friends and they're busy and haven't replied...

Would you want to swap points for a colored/completed bust of a OC of yours?

my DeviantART membership just expired, and because I use (almost all 20 GBS) my account is effectively locked and I can't upload anything.

I would pay the $5 to just buy the points myself but because I'm a dummy I forgot to cancel Amazon Prime and it took my last $10(in my defense our pipes exploded because it got below freezing with several inches of snow + no water for days the same week I was supposed to cancel it, was kinda preoccupied) lol and it doesn't look like I will be being paid soon(art market is garbage atm, thanks covid)

I have 178:points: of 316:points:

Basically I'll draw you a colored bust of whatever OC or character you want for the remaining points.

my only request if you're interested is that it be pre-existing OC and not a human because I suck at designs lately, and people

I can draw pretty much anything though :D ponies, you name it! I have examples I can link you if you have a specific thing

thanks for reading, sorry if this is weird to ask

my friends are hella busy IRL and I already bothered two lol

It is a little weird and you also probably shouldn't have advertised it as a trade and instead asked if I was interested in a cheap point commission as saying "trade" was a little misleading. If you don't mind the mild critique. That said, while I am actually quite interested in your offer as I find your art very nice, especially your recent dragon stuff. I don't currently have any points myself. If I come into any points in the next couple days, I'll consider it, but in the meantime, I can't help, I'm sorry.

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Thank you so much for the watch <3
May I have permission to use your OC, Thornghost, for my newest project? Of course I will give your credits.

P.S.: It is a similar piece to 2019: Canvas of Imagination; and I promise, you will like it:)