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Hush! I'm thinking...

By embercoral
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This is an entry for the Barnabus Portrait.


I am seriously proud of this picture. This is by far one of the best digital pieces I have ever made! I'm especially proud of the eyes. THE EYES.

I know that may not seem like much, but...for someone who usually uses dA Muro for practically everything, this is a great leap!

I'm not so sure about the hand, though...I might make a separate entry without it. :shrug:
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Jjajajaja I Like This! :3
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Wow. Looks really awesome. :)
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Nice work... But doesn't look like Johnny Depp... They should take it down like they did three of my pieces I entered for the contest...
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Oh whoop de doo. It's supposed to be Johnny Depp in character. Of course it's not going to look like him!

My guess is that you just took the stock photos and threw the template over them.
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Yeah, that is all I did... glad you have such a sharp eye LMFAO... and if you try to pull "rank" on a digital medium, when yours is in a digital medium, not a single person should or would take a hypocrite seriously.
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You're just jealous that I actually spent some good time on this. Just so you know, there ARE no stock photos of Barnabus in a thinking pose as I portrayed him here. I used the finger picture as a REFERENCE for the face. I did not simply copy-paste the image. You can even see that the fingers are a little wobbly because I was DRAWING them with my laptop mouse.
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You spent hours on this? LMFAO... And Do you even know how to make a brush set? Or did you just use the default BS?
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Doesn't matter. I'm still here and you're not because you were too lazy and cheated. GET OVER IT.
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LMFAO... good luck... You should stop ripping off Southpark... your little ID thingy...
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thats actually really badass <3 8D
good luck!
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Thankies! :iconjeffthekillerlaplz:

It's on the first page of most popular entries right now! I'm so happy!
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Amazing!!! Love it, great job and good luck. The placement of the arm and hand is terrific.
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Thank you, sir. Good luck to you, too! :iconthumbsupplz:
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