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The end of all being is the glory of God. That is why we were created and why we exist. Our first and highest purpose is to bring God glory. I believe the Bible teaches that the single most important thing in the universe is that God receives glory. Because of this, my reasons for worshiping God are not so that He can make my life better, I worship God because He deserves it.
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I have been wrestling with Ecclesiastes for two years and have just heard a series from the Village Church in Texas that has brought some clarity.  This could be the cover for the book!
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Cool!  Do they have their sermons online?  I'd like to hear it. :D  And thanks for the encouraging comment, that is very sweet of you.
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Yes they do -  check it out at:…
Looking at your work and your loving and challenging responses here I think you will appreciate the approach
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This is amazing. I'll be preaching about the Glory of God being the most important "thing" for him, so this really is encouraging me.
So thank you! And to God be the glory =)

I think there are to reasons for God why he send his son: His Glory and his Love for us - two reasons which belong together. What do you think about this?
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Thank you, that is very encouraging. :aww: To God be the glory!

I think that His love for us is a reason why He is so glorious.  His sacrificial love for us brings Him glory.  So it's almost like those 2 reasons are really 1 reason. :)
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Yes. That sounds logical. 2 reasons which combine to 1 - one worthless without the other.
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I love it! Definitely a :+favlove:!
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Which one though? Monotheism (the belief in one god) didn't exist until around 935BCE with Asher; the Neo-Astrian god who demanded conquest or the world would end; and Judaism didn't pop up much later, around 535 BCE, a difference of four hundred years, and still there were the Egyptians, Chinese, Celtic, Japanese and hundreds of other civilizations that had, or still have a polytheistic (multi-god) religion.
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Where did you get your information from?  A quick internet search will come up with several sources that date the beginning of Judaism thousands of years BC.  The beginning of monotheism started with Abraham. Well....actually it started at the beginning of time with Adam and Eve, which is what the Bible teaches. :aww:  But even if you don't believe in the Bible, there are plenty of sources that trace monotheism thousands of years back to Abraham.

I am a Christian so this typography is referring to the God of the Bible (Jehova, YHWH, Jesus, etc.)  Maybe I should have specified this in my description.

Thanks for the comment! :tighthug:
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No trouble, and thanks for the polite rebuff. As for my information, check out John Green's Crash Course on youtube. And even if Asher isn't the first Monotheistic god, Zoroastrian ism still beats out Judaism and Christianity by a few hundred years. I believe the religion was founded around 700 BCE, nearly two hundred years before Judaism and was the chief religion of the Persian empire. As for Adam and Eve, I find it highly improbably that 7 billion people descended from just two people when both their children were male.
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Sorry, I don't mean to bug. I just wanted to say that you can read about the rest of Adam & Eve's children in Genesis Chapter 5. :D

The :squee: in your signature makes me so happy.  Happy 
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Sure, I love a good discussion. :aww:  John Green should do more research, there is a lot of information out there about monotheism dating several thousand years BCE.  Archeological evidence.

In response to your last sentence, Adam and Eve had much more than 2 children.  The ancients lived to be around 800-900 years old, you can make a lot of babies in that amount of time. ;p
Yes. That's the very reason and it's better than any one we could think of. Glory to God!
And the typography is cool. c: I like how the gray colour surrounds so "colorful" (cheerful) statement. <3
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Thanks!  Your comments mean a lot to me. :) :tighthug:
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Interesting. Why do you stipulate the end of all being and not the genesis of all being?
Unless you are not referring to time at all, but rather the eternal essence of ALL being is the Glory of God?
Or is it I am being pedantic?

Nevertheless, as certain witnesses testified, "We beheld His Glory, the Glory of the only begotten......full of grace and truth". Simply said another way could be, "We saw His beauty and we loved Him for it".
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This was a quote that I heard from somewhere, I cannot remember the author.  It was so thought provoking that I wanted to put it in an image to share with others.

I think you are right.  It's not exactly time that I'm referring to.  I'm referring to our overall purpose in life from beginning to end.

Glad this was thought provoking. :)

I like that statement.  "We saw His beauty and we loved Him for it".  When we see how beautiful He is, how can we do anything but love Him? :heart:
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I have a little surprise for you, concerning His Beauty, when you shall see Him, YOU shall be like Him! How's that for a finale'?
:worship: JESUS!
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Very good! And true ^^
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