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Nobody said you're afraid,I'm just pointing out that this is far way from really revealing pictures.That's nice,finally you're getting the point of commenting on a drawing,you talk about the art,not why it offends you personally.See,you're wrong there,this argument has no place in this drawing's page,and I'll end this by saying: Look,nobody is forcing you to accept our opinions,but you can't just walk in commenting on a drawing that means a lot to the artist and us as fans,people WILL get upset as they really have feelings for these characters.
-Heroic Embrace-
Oh no no trust me,I read everything you wrote,and your hints are very swallow.I never said that the relationship would go far,persnally,I believe that it's already established as it is,and a huge number of people can see hints and things beneath the surface.But what if the writers don't want to go down that road and want to keep the situation as complex as it is right now?
You looked at the content only to point out what YOU don't like.Obviously,if you're here to point out why you don't agree with something the fan-artist chose to draw instead of talking about their flaws and strong points in art,you really shouldn't be here anyway.If you wanted a deep conversation as to why Steve and Tony can't be together,you could join a ranting forum and let it all out.I'm just saying that we all know that they are not in a relationship,we can just see the potential of one since we have so much to work with.
You brought the age thing in this at first place.Is this porn to you?"Oh no,naked people,PORN".An intimate hug,is it porn for you?If you did see the meaning behind the drawing you wouldn't be having this argument in first place.
-Heroic Embrace-
Do you honestly believe that two people need to "fall on top of each other naked" to show their affection?No,that's those two particular characters have a long,complex history behind them,and I won't refer to certain points,as my friend kindly pointed out to you but you simply ignored them,moving ahead with the same arguments as before.I can assure you that Marvel,being a vivid supporter of equal rights,wouldn't feel violated after seeing this picture,instead,they would feel honoured that their characters inspired some many young artists.You're only referring to Civil War but guess what,they're way more comics out there to read.And you're just implying that romantic feelings towards someone you respect and treasure can ruin a friendship?A quick click on your profile shows that YOU'RE the 16year old here trying to prove something.You're missing the point of fan-art completely,like stated above.I don't believe that most of the things they say to each other are just simple things you would tell to a friend of yours,no.They respect and deeply care for each other,it's there for everyone to see.Even writers themselves talked about Tony's "mancrush" on Steve,and even if you couldn't talk from Steve's perspective,Tony HAS some kind of feelings for him that are not so friendly. "You are trying way too hard to put together pieces of a puzzle that just won't ever fit." If you're just reading comics and all kind of different things only by looking at the surface,I'm sorry,but you're doing it wrong.I don't see why this piece offended you in first place and why you thought of sharing your opinion about the pairing instead of focusing on the art.And just one last thing,if you honestly compare the relationship of Steve and Tony with others with no base around them,I'm sorry but I don't know why you're attempting to counter my friend's arguments in first place.
-Heroic Embrace-
Either way,I'll be more prepared cosplay wise xD
Oh shhhh you!! xD