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Draw this again: Charizard V2

By ember-reed
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This took a long time, but only because i was dragging my feet. There will be more of these in the near future (i hope). It's good to remind myself that even though i have always struggled with drawing, i have made a lot of progress. 2007 doesn't seem like it was that long ago, but I've learned a ton of new tricks since then, and now i can really see the difference! Hope you all like it. keep your eyes peeled for 009! 

Updated. Now in meme version. Template here: draw-this-again-meme.deviantar…
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So cool! Any tips on how to get better at drawing metal?
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dodge brush. Works like magic
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I love the intricacies! 
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I like em both but your patience for detail has way improved!  :D  
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I'm not really a fan of the old one, but I guess it has it's appeal. That's why I wanted to redesign it. I wanted it to look a bit more dynamic, and maybe more practical. I really liked the idea of having the flames coming from the palms instead of a cannon.
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Looking at this again, I can definitely see that!  I really like the lobstered v-shapes in the armor joints.  :D
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The letter v has a great shape. I've always said!
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I kinda prefer the old one in some aspects.
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Bound to happen. They both have their strengths! 
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Maaaan, look at all that detail, and the shading and texture. Gorgeous!
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Thanks! Very much appreciated
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aaa I love it! There's so much improvement 
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Thanks. That means a lot! 
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idk what the past tense of git gud is but you're doing that, like whoa <3
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