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this one needs a name
The Gypsy Boy had a Father Who Was Also a Dragon
And when he met the Runaway Bride, she was still wearing her wedding gown
And the bloodstains in their shoes were identical
So they fell into step together
Running and running
Because she's always wanted to see the desert
And he lost his kingdom when he was only a child
They kicked up dust
And forgot to grow up
And she reminded him that there was something beating in his chest
While he kissed her frigid soul back to life
And in a moment like the top of a roller coaster
Breadcrumbs of affection
Hidden in hairpins and stairwells and long walks through unfamiliar streets
Burst into fireworks
And spilled out over everything
Demanding to be recognized
As love
Spun into moments spent exploring the known universe
And remembering lives when they wore different skins
The Gypsy Boy still fights his dragons
And the Runaway Bride still flees in her dreams
But her kisses and words he weaves into armor
And he holds her hand to make her feel
:iconembean96:EmBean96 0 0
Tokyo, 1945
don't cry little one
that you are not living
there is no dishonor in death
blue-eyed devil gonna take my baby
blue-eyed devil gonna eat my baby
don't cry little one
that you are not breathing
the sea is safer than the city on fire
blue-eyed devil gonna cook my baby
blue-eyed devil gonna eat my baby
don't cry little
that you are burning
better to die in the mouth of dragon
blue-eyed devil gonna kill my baby
blue-eyed devil gonna eat my baby
:iconembean96:EmBean96 0 0
I think
I’d like to be a poet
But then again
I think
I’d like to be a bird
:iconembean96:EmBean96 0 0
the library
when the man in the brown shirt told us to watch our bags
we stopped trusting each other
:iconembean96:EmBean96 1 0
Growing Up
I think
    I grew up
                        With you
I don’t want to
Brush my teeth.
:iconembean96:EmBean96 0 1
Where I Keep My Heart
i used to wear my heart
on my sleeve
            but i met a shark
in the ocean
                  now i keep it
in a cardboard box
                  with bits of paper
coins and dried flowers
                  ticket stubs
and paperclips
                i want to give my box
to you
would you like it?
:iconembean96:EmBean96 0 0
Eyes Like Andromeda
I laugh and whip my head around
To accuse him of something he didn’t mean
My heart stops
His eyes are like Andromeda
Burnt gold that bleeds into blue like the desert sky.
How did I not notice before?
His gaze ripples across my skin
Hot and undeniable, brilliant and strange
Like distant stars, like déjà vu
I feel a love that is greedy, animal and fervid
So familiar but at the same time new
Waiting to be dug up and breathed against
I know we have traveled this road before
And he rips through my heart like the knife that he is.
He was. He is.
Because we do not end well
We tear and bite and hiss and growl
Devolving and devolving
Our hearts in tatters by our feet
So I right the careless mistakes of my last life and
I run.
:iconembean96:EmBean96 1 1
How the Sun Fell in Love with the Moon
I’ve fallen out of orbit
And I’m not entirely sure how
It feels
    A little
I have checked and rechecked
My calculations
        And absolute magnitude
Are so different.
He was alone
A secondary star without his primary
    He was burning up
          From the inside
His pull was so great that we orbited
Like we all had nothing better to do
    And I was a speck
              I was nothing
I was a rock.
I could not burn the way he did
My filaments and spots he could not understand
      I could not take
              The heat of
One more flare.
I was his rock
But he would supernova
      And burn
          Me up
In kind
He knew
I knew
    So he spared me
          And left
To explode brilliant pictures across the
:iconembean96:EmBean96 2 1
lanky boys
I have
a deep affection
for lanky boys
whose ankles peek out
above their shoes
and below their hems
with wild hair
that does as it pleases
and eyes too old
for their
bright young faces
who hide away
in catacombs
and keep their hearts
in plastic bottles
:iconembean96:EmBean96 1 0
One Thousand and One
She lived alone
She lived in her books
She left the light on too long at night
And frequently got in trouble
She had a heart
Broken by crooks
But she found a little bit of solace
In the excess of the rubble
She built a wall
A wall for her garden
And she was OK
He was a king
He had been hurt more than once
He had seen so much pain
So much pain
His life had changed
Sweet memories of sun kissed antebellum
He was too far from home
:iconembean96:EmBean96 1 0
The Poets WIP
The poets sat across the room
As one stared down the other
Their words strung lines between them
Like a distant pair of brothers
And neither spoke a word
As the crowds swept in like tides
No, neither spoke a word
For fear they’d fill the room with lies
:iconembean96:EmBean96 0 0
Waiting for You
This wasn't the first time
They'd been through this before
But just like the first time
All they wanted was more
He moved on in the winter
She was five years behind
And when she woke up in a new life
Didn't know it was him
She had to find
Birthday cakes
Things that break
Finding out how much a heart can take
Oh hey there I missed you
Tell me that you missed me too
Cause I've been putting together pieces
Just waiting for you
:iconembean96:EmBean96 1 0
Permanent WIP
He had eyes like the ocean
He had eyes like the sea
He had eyes like Andromeda on a clear night
It was his eyes
That drowned me
I pushed off from the ocean floor
Made my way into the blue
And as my hungry heart gasped to the surface
I never thought I'd find
The likes of you
Rifling through bags from
Times before I wore this skin
Trying to find the key
That will unlock these chains I'm in
Throw back my arms
Let the ink set in
I want to be
I wait for the day
When I'm gonna fade away
Somebody make me permanent
I want to stay
:iconembean96:EmBean96 2 0

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Artist | Professional | Varied
United States
Hallo there!
Emma here. 17, American, and hopelessly in love with life.
I am a history buff, a writer, an actress, a musician and too many other things to count.
I work as a nanny (for the most part) and at a local cable station, these two jobs make my life crazy but music and literature are my everything so I always make time for them.
I have been singing and performing for as long as I can remember and I was lucky enough to get the best family ever who supports me in all of my endeavors.
As of this August I have seen two of my written works performed and it is maybe the most spectacular feeling in the world.
I have a black belt in Taekwondo and I take ballroom dancing. I remain convinced that walking is the answer to all problems.
I love a good love story, although I am usually disastrous when it comes to relationships. I am a squealing fangirl and not ashamed of this fact.
I am currently in my second year at college studying History and Social Science.
I play the ukulele and that is truly the secret to my bliss. I'm never happier than when I have my uke in hand. I have intense wanderlust, and I know that I'm going to spend most of my life traveling. Then own an antiquarian book store in Maine and have a dog.

Favourite genre of music: Alternative
Favourite style of art: Writing


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