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'The Phoenix Mask'

For more photos of this mask: [link]

This mask is COMPLETELY hand-sculpted out of Craft Porcelain air-dry clay. The clay feathers are individually sculpted and attached by hand, the feather details were carved with a sculpting tool. No stamps or molds were used. The little curly bits are covered in liquid gold leaf and then sealed in with glossy, clear polyurethane, as is the beak.

The backside is finished off with a decorative brocade fabric for both looks and comfort and then edged in a black braided trim.

The mask is a tie-on which is attached via a red velvet ribbon. The dyed rooster feathers are real, but store-bought so have already been bugs to worry about.:D

Available for $150.00

-I have no problem reproducing this mask. As each mask is completely handmade, with no molds used, each mask is a one-of-a-kind piece.
-Please contact me if you are interested and be sure to read my Commission Policy posted on my profile page.

Thank you! Comments GREATLY welcomed and appreciated!:)
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I love the rich reds and golds in this! Great work!
EMasqueradeGallery's avatar
Thank you!! I keep trying to find an even deeper, candy-apple...but so far, no luck.:/ But this red is working well so far.:D
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What are you using for coloring? You should be able to take this red and add a bit of deep, dark warm brown and a very small amount of deep blue to make a deeper blood red color.
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kewl :D Way to hand craft that! Do you sell these?
EMasqueradeGallery's avatar
Thanks.:) And yes, I do. When I have one available I list it in my gallery as for sale or in my shop.
Neona-Shadow-Phoenix's avatar
COOOL, do you mind if i put this in my story???
EMasqueradeGallery's avatar
Sure. Please be sure to link back to me/give me credit for my work. And if you would, send me a link to the finished piece when you're done, I'd love to see how my artwork fits into your story.:)

Neona-Shadow-Phoenix's avatar
This is the first scene it shows up:

My gaze focuses on the box, immediately getting drawn to a glint of red and orange. As I pick up the beautiful thing, my mother steps up behind me, drying her hands on a towel.
“Wow, that is absolutely gorgeous,” she says, her overly loud voice filled with awe.
I just nod in response and examine it closer. She’s completely correct: it’s utterly divine. It’s a mask, like one you’d wear to some fancy party or one of those…what are they called? Oh, yeah, a masquerade ball. It looks vaguely hand made, with intricate, overlapping feather designs and tiny, authentic gemstones placed seemingly randomly throughout the “plumage”. I can tell that it’s based off of a bird of some kind, but I can tell what kind. On the “beak,” which from as far as I can tell is supposed to slide over one’s nose, there’s a gold leafed, lacy design.
EMasqueradeGallery's avatar
Wow, that is so awesome. Thank you!!!
-I like to think that that is how my masks are received when they first show up at a customer's house.:)

Very cool!:)
Neona-Shadow-Phoenix's avatar
Thnx >^^<, There's a dress in the box, too, but i'm having troubles telling what it looks like....><'
puv's avatar
I LOVE this mask! Oh please, please, please make one for me! This one, a different one, it doesn't matter. I simply must own a mask this beautiful. Is it really possible to buy this? I will love to talk more about buying a mask from you. :)
EMasqueradeGallery's avatar
Hi, sorry I've taken a while to reply...haven't gotten on DA as much lately.

If you would, send me a note about this and we can talk about a Phoenix mask.:)
ftourini's avatar
Wow very pretty! I have never seen such a mask! :faint:
EMasqueradeGallery's avatar
Thank you! I was thrilled at how nicely it came out, too:D
narutard94's avatar
BEAUTIFUL! so cool must have take sooooo long to make.
EMasqueradeGallery's avatar
Thank you! :)
-Just work time alone, this mask took me about 24 hours to sculpt, paint, and embellish. It was well worth it!:D
narutard94's avatar
o wow, your so talented, ^^ only 24 hours, it would take me like a whole year XD AWESOME JOB
EMasqueradeGallery's avatar
Thanks!! I just really wanted to see it finished. It went by fast 'cause I'd watch tv while I was working on the mask...well, 'listen' to tv is more like it, actually.:D But it would help to make the time go by faster.:)
narutard94's avatar
ya that's true when i'm sewing i always have to watch tv or movies^^
EMasqueradeGallery's avatar
I don't think I could watch tv while sewing...I'm constantly nervous that I'm going to sew through my finger -eep! But definitely listen to music while sewing and watch tv while sculpting a mask.:D
narutard94's avatar
^^ YA that sounds good, well i am kinda watching tv while sewing, more like listening but still . XD
taeliac's avatar
That is so impressive! The colors and everything is just fantastic! The feathers (the sculpted one's) are so cute, and just so perfect!

EMasqueradeGallery's avatar
Thank you so much and thank you for noticing the feathers, they can be a real pain sometimes...they take forever!:D
XgameoverX's avatar
nice nie ! did you get the thing i sent you??
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