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Amethyst Fairy Mask on Me

The "Amethyst Fairy" mask:

Completely hand-sculpted, the wings were made by me as well. I have no clue how many hours I've put into this mask, but I have been working on it 'off and on' for several weeks now.

I'm very happy with it!:)

-Now, due to poor lighting and an extreme case of 'over-achievement' on the part of my camera's flash...the colors didn't come out true. The mask is actually made up of several different shades and hues of purple with some iridescent shimmer, not blue as the photo shows.
I've got plans of taking some better photos of the mask outside under sunlight.

This mask is available for $125.00

-I have no problem reproducing this mask. As each mask is completely handmade, with no molds used, each mask is a one-of-a-kind piece.
-Please contact me if you are interested and be sure to read my Commission Policy posted on my profile page.
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Sep 29, 2007, 8:35:59 PM
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masker-of-disguise's avatar
What a beautiful mask
EMasqueradeGallery's avatar
Thank you very very much.:)
masker-of-disguise's avatar
Yeah that one looks really great!
fashioneyes's avatar
EMasqueradeGallery's avatar
Why thank you so much!:D *blushes*
artwoman3571's avatar
EMasqueradeGallery's avatar
Thank you, same to you about your work!:D
artwoman3571's avatar
Thanks a million.
Shadow-ofthe-World's avatar
So pretty! It's really amazing. I havn't ever seen a mask that pretty before ^_^
EMasqueradeGallery's avatar
Thank you so much!:D I really appreciate that.:)
Forestina-Fotos's avatar
Beautiful! I love the colours! :clap:
(and is that a Green Man throw you have behind you because it looks exactly like the one I have!:))
EMasqueradeGallery's avatar
Thank you!
And yes, that is a Greenman tapestry in the background. It was a gift from my mother for my B-day last year. She picked it up from a Celtic Festival. I adore it:D I have a matching green tapestry with the Triple Goddess triad on it, too.:D
Forestina-Fotos's avatar
I use my tapestry as a settee throw now. They are really nice, aren't they! :)
EMasqueradeGallery's avatar
I've seen other people use theirs as bedspreads, but I'm so afraid it would get ruined somehow. My cat is always getting her nails stuck into 'everything'. I think my tapestries are better off hanging from the wall.:D
Forestina-Fotos's avatar
Yes, I can totally understand that. I don't have a cat at the moment because we're renting but as soon as I can have a pet I will probably put it up on the wall too! :D
LilHorn's avatar
So pretty! What do you use to make the bases of your masks?
EMasqueradeGallery's avatar
The base of the mask is made out of an air-dry clay called Craft Porcelain.
Thank you!!:)
taeliac's avatar
Very pretty!! I really love it - the colors especially (even if the flash did over-expose them too much)

What is it sculpted out of? Leather, or something else? Either way, it's phenomenal!
EMasqueradeGallery's avatar
Thank you!
Actually I used a lightweight, air-dry clay called Crafter's Porcelain for this mask. Eventually I'd like to try out leather, too:D

Thanks again!:)
Grim-Faerytales's avatar
It's really pretty, I like how the colours get subtly darker towards the edges of the eyes.
EMasqueradeGallery's avatar
Thank you so much!:D I had fun playing around with colors to get the right shades here and there, I'm glad you noticed the subtle details.:)
primulatook's avatar
such a gorgeous piece...your talent really shows here!
EMasqueradeGallery's avatar
Thank you so much! I really appreciate that:)
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