[CLOSED] Commission: CG/Event Art/Sprites

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Commissions by EmarieChi

•Character CG 

Cgs by EmarieChi

•Event Art

-art focusing on objects, environment, atmosphere
-can have characters but that won't be the main focus

Events by EmarieChi

More examples event art: 

•Character Sprites 

commission sprite by EmarieChi
Here's my character sprite work for Upcoming VN game: Twilight Hour
More info here: lemmasoft.renai.us/forums/view…

Preview2 by EmarieChi

Himaripreview1 by EmarieChi

Etsukopreview1 by EmarieChi
Girls by EmarieChi

Boys by EmarieChi


I don't/can't draw:

Gore Stuff
Muscles/abs xD
Facial hairs
Bald people (lol)
Middle age people

I will draw:


Important Info:

- Payment upfront or half and half (pay half, I'll send you the colored sketch, then half, I'll send you the final)
- I'm accepting Paypal and Venmo!!
- I keep the right to submit the finished drawing to my social media as part of my portfolio but I won't be using it commercially.
-There won't be any refunds. Please buy only if you really want to buy. Thank you.

Please note / email me this form if you're interested! : 

(email: emariechi@gmail.com)
•Type: (Semi Realistic/ Anime Art / Character CG / Event Art / Character Sprites)
•Character Reference:
•Expression/Pose: (optional but recommended)
•Additional info: (optional)
Thanks for reading. >w<
If you have a question, please don't hesitate to ask!

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wat, dang, ive been off dA for like a month and i come back to find out that this was open but then closed again? nooooo, i missed it? D: