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Sky City

A sky city with air ships hoovering around its atmosphere.
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Thank you, so do I - although it's such an old piece. It's a rare feeling since I quickly out date almost everything!
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Pretty amazing city again! You did it pretty well! May i ask something? I see there is a photo overlayed over the building. Is this some kind of "effect" who puts a magical athmosphere over the building? Something like Spirit or soul over the actual building. I liked that. How is that technique called?
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Thank you fellow deviant!! :D
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really great work! love the subtle contrast you have between the orange and the blue sky
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Thank you very much!
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A real masterpiece!
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Wow, really? :o Thank you! :D 8>
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thats so cool!
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Thank you very much!! 8D :)
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I love the design and technique :D It's a cross between what I imagine a sky city would look like and the sky cities in that kids TV show stormhawks (god I miss that show) :D
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I love your painting style and the design of the city (or castle ?). And thanks for uploading a very big resolution because i like to zoom and see all the details :)
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Wow! Thank you for your compliments! :D :3 Yeah, I guess it's a castle that more or less has developed into a city! 8> I'm happy you appreciate the details! 8D They took me a while to paint :)
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I love all the different perspectives and lines of this piece! Great work!
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Thank you! :D I really appreciate it! :>
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Is the foundation roots or rock?
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The foundation is a twirling mountain!
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Really? 8> I guess that's positive, so thank you very much! 8D :D
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Haha yes, that is very much positive :D
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the heaven :) gotta love it
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