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November Essence

Journal Entry: Tue Nov 6, 2012, 4:33 AM
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Happy November!
Some new works in progress (if I keep to the list, which I probably wont) are:
1. Ramiel Bond
2. Gaia, Hellenic Goddess of Earth.
3. Moirae, the Hellenic Fates.
4. Hypnos and Thanatos, Hellenic, Twin Gods of Sleep and Death.
5. Oneiroi The Gates of Horn and Ivory (Based on the concept of sleep and dreams).
6. Fantasy Zodiacs Virgo
7. Fantasy Zodiacs Libra
8. Fantasy Zodiacs Scorpio

As usual, others might pop up outta nowhere depending on the inspiration of the moment. XD

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My Violet Autumn

Journal Entry: Mon Sep 17, 2012, 12:16 AM
May the Ancient ones bless you all with a lovely Autumn full of laughter and peace...

Works in Progress:

1. Ramiel - Chapter 4 - Bond
2. Gaia - Hellenic Goddess/Titan of Earth
3. Moirae - The Hellenic Fates
4. Ghostly Halloween Pumpkin Faeries
5. Fantasy Zodiacs - Virgo

Phrase of Inspiration (For this Month) - "Everything you think you know is probably wrong... Trust me, I'm an Archeologist..."

Purple CSS

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Well, its definitely starting to feel like Summer in Rhodes these days. It's been the third day that I can hear the Locusts song outside which is mesmerizing after you hear it for about an hour. I personally think that's their evil plot to hypnotize us so they can try and take over MY island.... But that's Rhodes for you, always being the island of the Sun and always being the island where Astrology was born (There's a good chance the ancient computer came from this island as well, but most likely, its an invention of Archimedes), the island where the Colossus stood and might be the island where locusts went mad one day from the heat and ate all the people. ^_^

Some projects are due this Summer (If I keep to a list):

1. Ramiel - Chapter Two - Awareness (The Chapter)
2. Ramiel - Chapter Two - Divine Command (Image)
3. Fantasy Zodiacs - Leo
4. Summer Zodiac Lightning Bug Faeries
5. Aphrodite - Hellenic Goddess of Love

Have a pleasant Summer! XD
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Well yeah... Apparently we had crazy winds here two days ago, strong enough to carry things off.
In Mythology these were the Harpies and in my own twisted and metaphorical reality we had a Harpy attack two days ago (Hah!).
Metaphorically speaking Zeus of course arrived and scattered the Harpies and all is calm now. XD
Dodging falling trees while driving can be so much fun! :DDD


Hellenic Mythology: Helios and Rhode (Based on the Mythology of my island Rhodes - Yes, its MY island).
Ramiel: The Grigorian Memoirs - The Fall of Eosforos
Ramiel: The Grigorian Memoirs - War in Heaven
Egyptian Mythology: Bast - Bastet

As usual, other drawings might pop up in between cause I am terrible at keeping to a list.
Have fun and may the Muses continue to bless you.
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It's been forever since I updated this thing... f Night.
I will be working on new art since I finally have time after a very busy Summer.
I'm also really bad at writing blogs so forgive me. *smirk*


MELINOE - Hellenic Goddess of Death Offerings.
SAVIOR -    Concept from my book of Ramiel.
WAR IN HEAVEN - (New Version)
NYX - Hellenic Goddess of Night. (New Version)

As a classic discordian though, other drawings might pop up outta nowhere cause I really suck following lists XD
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I was happy to see that I made the first group in the Darkness Angel contest, which is currently holding a voting contest for the winner.
Whoever wishes to vote and support all the great artists that entered the competition, the links are:… (For the First Group)… (For the Second Group)… (For the Third Group)… (For the Fourth Group)


1. Nyx, Hellenic Goddess of Night (2011 Version)
2. Divine Command
3. Ramiel's Descend (Part 2)
4. Cyclamen Faery
5. Twin Flame
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Emanuella Kozas:
‎For a moment, nothing happened. Then, after a second or so, nothing continued to happen...
Alejandro C:
the next second, nothing kept happening...
Emanuella Kozas:
And seconds after... Still nothing.
Alexandros K:
Cant f*****g wait to see what happens next....
Emanuella Kozas:
Probably still nothing.
Alexandros K:
Nothing rules
Emanuella Kozas:
I just thought something was about to happen... Turns out It was nothing.
Alexandros K:
People say something is better than nothing....What a load of bulls**t
Emanuella Kozas:
Yeah, nothing could be farther from the truth.
Alexandros K:
Nothing is true everything is permitted
Emanuella Kozas:
Yeah, but we aren't interested in everything. Only Nothing.
Alexandros K:
Its just an example of how much everything sucks.
Emanuella Kozas:
I am happy to know that our whole conversation proved nothing. ^.^
Alexandros K:
Nothing rules more than a cool conversation about nothing that proves nothing....



1. The Abyss - Deceivers
2. Nyx, Hellenic Goddess of Night (2011)
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As March has approached, I wish everyone to have a lovely spring season full of new awakenings and love.


1. Nyx, Hellenic Goddess of Night (I think its time for a new version).
2. Spring Zodiac Faeries (The Spring version of the Zodiacs).
3. Hebe, Hellenic Goddess of Eternal Youth and Spring.
4. Persephone, Goddess of Spring and Queen of the Underworld.
5. Repunzel
6. Medusa (I just cant seem to bring myself to finish the little details of this one for months now O.o)
7. Kali, Hindu Goddess of Death
8. Lovers Divine

(When I draw, I am very discordant... So even though I am working on things I might get inspired and draw something completely different all of a sudden... I can never just focus on one thing which means that besides that list, other drawings might appear outta nowhere O.o).


And now the Lore I am familiar with, occurring in Spring:


* March, the third month of the current Gregorian calendar and the first month of Spring, derives its name from the ancient Roman war-god Mars, who also presided over the fertility of the land. The traditional birthstone of March are the aquamarine and the bloodstone; and the daffodil and the jonquil are the month's traditional flowers.
* March is shared by the astrological signs of Pisces the Two Fishes and Aries the Ram, and is sacred to the following Pagan deities: Khepri, Artemis, Dionysus.
* April, the fourth month of the current Gregorian calendar and the second month of Spring's rule, derives its name from Aprillis, the Latin name for the ancient Roman love goddess Aphrodite. Other reference sources give ape-rite, the Latin word meaning "to open," as the origination of the month's name. The traditional birthstone amulet of April is the diamond, and the daisy and the sweet pea are the month's traditional flowers.
* April is shared by the astrological signs of Aries the Ram and Taurus the Bull, and is sacred to the following Pagan deities: Aphrodite, Artemis, Astarte, Hathor.
* May, the fifth month of the current Gregorian calendar and the third month of Spring's rule, derives its name from the Roman Springtime goddess Maia, whose divine powers encouraged the growth of crops. The traditional birthstone amulets of May are the emerald and the agate; and the hawthorne and lily are the month's traditional flowers.
* May is shared by the astrological signs of Taurus the Bull and Gemini the Twins, and is sacred to the following Pagan deities: Artemis, Pan, Bastet, Apollo, Athena.

* March 3: The number three is the most magical of all numbers; therefore the third day of the third month is believed to be a favorable time for Witches and practitioners of magic throughout the world. This day is sacred to all Triple Goddesses and deities of the Moon (which shows itself in three aspects: waxing, full, and waning). The magical and healing power of pyramids is said to be strongest on this day.
* March 9: On this date, the annual Butter Lamp Festival is held by Buddhist monks in Tibet to render demons powerless and to secure the favor of the gods. Yak-butter sculptures of Buddhist heroes are paraded through the streets as sacred chants are recited. After the procession, the sculptures are then cast into the waters of a river.
* March 12: Babylonian Feast of Marduk.
* March 19: The Akitu, an annual Babylonian New Year festival celebrating the marriage of Heaven and Earth, begins on this date and lasts for ten consecutive days. Sitala, a goddess who reigns over smallpox and death, is honored on this day in India as part of the Hindu New Year ritual.
* March 28: In Taiwan, the birthday of the goddess Kwan Yin is celebrated annually on this date.
* March 30: A Pagan religious festival was held each year on this day in ancient Mesopotamia to celebrate the sacred union of the God and Goddess, and to give thanks for the creation of the human race.

* April 1: The month of Venus begins with April Fool's Day (also known as All Fools' Day), an occasion for playing practical jokes on friends, family, and coworkers. This custom dates back to olden times, when inmates of insane asylums were allowed out in the streets for one day each year for the sadistic amusement of those who were (supposedly) normal.
* April 2: The old Pagan custom of "carrying death away" is carried out in certain regions of Germany on this day. In celebration of Winter's demise, special straw dolls are burned in sacred bonfires or "drowned" in sacred wells.
* April 5: Festival of Kuan Yin. Every year on this day, Kuan Yin (the powerful Chinese goddess of healing, mercy, compassion, and forgiveness) is invoked for protection, love, mercy, and wisdom. Offerings of incense and violet-colored candles are placed on her altar, along with rolled-up pieces of rice paper upon which various wishes have been written.
* April 10: Bau, the Goddess Mother of Ea, was honored each year on this day in ancient Babylonia with a sacred religious festival called the Day of Bau.
* April 29: Pagan Tree Day. On this day, plant a tree dedicated to your favorite Pagan goddess or god. For instance: plant a myrtle tree in honor of Venus and Aphrodite; and oak for Demeter, Diana, and Hera; a pine for Attis, Cybele, and Pan; a rowan tree for all moon-goddesses; a sycamore for all wiccan gods and goddesses; a willow for Artemis, Brigid, and Persephone; a yew for Hecate and Saturn; etc.

* May 1: The Beltane sabbath is celebrated by Wiccans and Witches throughout the world annually on this date. Beltane (which is also known as May Day, Rood Day, Rudemas, and Walpurgisnacht) is derived from an ancient Druid fire festival celebrating the union of the Goddess and the Horned God. It also celebrates the rebirth of the Sun, marking the "death" of Winter and the "birth" of Spring. At dawn, morning dew is gathered from grass and wildflowers to be used in mystical potions for good luck. Throughout the day, Nature is celebrated by feasts, games, poetry readings, and clockwise dancing around a brightly decorated Maypole.
* May 4: Fairy Day. According to Irish folklore, it is on this day that the mischievous fairy folk emerge from their hiding places. To prevent human children from being stolen by the fairies and replaced by grotesque changelings, an offering of tea and bread must be left on the doorstep for the little people. For protection against fairies while traveling (especially through heavily wooded areas or open fields), wear your coat inside out. This is said to cause them such great confusion that they are unable to cause any trouble.
* May 10: The sacred marriage of the god Shiva to the goddess Meenakshi is celebrated annually on this date by faithful followers in Madurai, India. Sacred hymns are sung and offerings of incense and white flower petals are made at all temples dedicated to Shiva.
* May 18: The Feast of Twins. On this day, festivals honoring twins are held annually in the African republic of Nigeria. It is widely believed among the Yoruba people that all twins are born with abundant magickal and supernatural powers.
* May 26: Sacred Well Day. On this day, it is traditional for Pagans and Witches (especially in Ireland and Great Britain) to decorate sacred wells with wreaths and to toss offerings of flowers into the water in honor of the deities and spirits of the well.


* March (Elaphebolion) 6: Festival of Artemis, where she was offered cakes shaped like stags, made from dough, honey and sesame-seeds.
* March (Elaphebolion) 9-13: Greater (or City) Dionysia -- The largest of the Dionysian festivals, this was held in Athens, where Dionysos had a theatre and where dithyrambs and plays were performed. Before the festival began, a statue representing the god was placed on the road to the city, offered a sacrifice, and escorted back to the temple, thereby bringing inthe god to the festival. On the first day, there was a procession with various offerings, which led into the komos, or revel, a night-long feast and celebration. The next few days were set aside for the famous dramatic contests of Athens.
* March (Elaphebolion) 14-17: Pandia -- A festival of Zeus, immediately following the Greater Dionysia.

*April (Mounikhion - For the Hellenes, yeah I laughed too at the name) 4: Feast of Eros -- This may have been held on the fourth due to it being the god's holy day each month.
* April (Mounikhion) 6-16: Mounikhia -- Festival of Artemis as the moon goddess and mistress of the animals. A procession of girls carrying boughs came to the shrine of Apollon and Artemis. A she-goat was sacrificed to the goddess, along with other offerings. Another procession consisted of people carrying amphiphontes (shining-all-round), round cakes containing lit candles arranged in a circle.
* April (Mounikhion) 19: Olympieia -- Festival of Olympian Zeus, including a huge sacrifice, possibly of a bull.

* May (Thargelion) 4: Sacrifices to Leto, Pythian Apollon, Zeus, Hermes and the Dioscuri in the deme of Erchia.
* May (Thargelion) 6: Offering to Demeter -- On this day, a ram was offered on the Acropolis to Demeter Khloe, the goddess of green shoots.
* May (Thargelion) 6-7: Thargelia -- This festival marked the birthday of Apollon and Artemis. The first day was devoted to purification. Two poor people were chosen as pharmakoi (scapegoats), each representing the women or the men; they were fed well, then beaten in order to purify the city. The second day was devoted to offerings of first fruits, called the thargelos (a stew of corn and other vegetables). Hymn-singing contests were held for the men's and boy's choirs.
* May (Thargelion) 16: Sacrifice to Zeus Epacrios in the deme of Erchia.
* May (Thargelion) Last Week (25): Plunteria -- This festival was dedicated to washing the ancient statue of Athene Polias (Guardian of the City). The temple had been cleaned, and Athene's eternal flame relighted, by her priestesses a few days before. Women removed the robe and jewelry from the statue, which was then wrapped and carried in a procession to the washing place. Figs were offered to the goddess on the shore. After washing, the statue was taken by torchlight procession back to the temple and clothed with a new, clean robe (from the Panathenaia) and adorned with jewelry. This day was considered inauspicious because Athene was absent from the city.


* March 1: Going forth of Khepri.
* March 15: Offerings to Ra, Wasir, Heru, Ptah, Sokar and Atum.
* March 21: Spring Equinox; Harvest Festival; Festival of restructuring the Heavens; Coming forth of the Great Ones from the House of Ra.
* March 23: Festival of Aset (Isis).

* April 1: Day of Het-Hert (Hathor).
* April 15: Month of Payni Begins; Festival of Heru; Festival of Bast.
* April 16: Holiday of Ra and his Shemsu (followers).

* May 12: Day of purification of all things.
* May 15: Month of Epipi begins; Festivals of Het-Hert and Bast; Great feast of the Southern heavens.
* May 16: The Netjerts (Goddesses) feast in their temples.
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First of all, I would like to wish everyone a happy new year with my warmest wishes for health, love and prosperity. May you all get what you wish for this year.

Now onto the knowledge...

* January, the first month of the current Gregorian calendar and the second month of Winter's rule, derives its name from the ancient Roman god, Janus.
* The traditional birthstone amulet of January is the garnet; and the carnation and the snowdrop are the month's traditional flowers.
* January is shared by the astrological signs of Capricorn, the Goat and Aquarius the Water Bearer, and is sacred to the following Pagan deities:
Antu, Felicitas, Inanna, Irene, Janus, Pax, and Aphrodite.

General Lore -

* January 1:  The first day of January was dedicated by the ancient Romans to the god Janus. Janus
              possesses two identical faces looking in opposite directions: one to the past, and the other
              to the future. He is a god of gates and doorways, and a deity associated with journeys and
              the beginnings of things.
* January 2:  The birth of the Pagan goddess Inanna has been celebrated annually on this day since ancient
              times. Inanna is the Sumerian queen of heaven and earth, and a deity who presides over both
              love and war.
* January 12: Each year on this date, a sacred solstice ritual called the Makara-Sankranti is celebrated
              by Hindus in India with saffron, songs of joy, and ritual baths in sacred rivers.

Ancient Hellenic (Greek for those who are not aware) -

* January 1:  This day is sacred to the goddesses known as the Three Fates.
* January 2:  Day of Agathos Daimon. Agathos Daimon or Agathodaemon (Greek: "good spirit") was a god of
              the vineyards and grainfields and of good luck, health and wisdom. It was customary to drink
              or pour out a glass of unmixed wine to honor him in every meal. He was the spouse or
              companion of Tyche Agathe (later Agatha). He was represented in art as a serpent or as a
              young man bearing a cornucopia and a bowl in one hand, and a poppy and an ear of corn in the
              other. The agathodaemon was later adapted into a general daemon of good luck, particularly
              of the abundance of a family's good food and drink.
* January 3:  Athene day. Athene are the owls of Athena. The genus Athene contains two to four living
              species of small owls. Offerings for wisdom were made on this day.
* January 12 - 15: The Lenaia (Ancient Greek: Λήναια) was an annual festival with a dramatic competition.
              The Lenaia took place (in Athens) in the month of Gamelion, roughly corresponding to
              January. The festival was in honour of Dionysus Lenaius. Lenaia probably comes from lenai,
              another name for the Maenads, the female worshippers of Dionysus.
* January 27: Theogamia, a festival celebrating the sacred marriage, "hieros gamos", between Hera and Zeus.

Ancient Egyptian -

* January 1:  Day of keeping the things of Wasir (Osiris) in the hands of Anpu (Anubis)
* January 2:  In ancient Egypt, a religious ceremony known as the Advent of Isis from Phoenecian was
              performed yearly on this date in honor of the goddess Isis.
* January 6:  Feast of Ptah and Heru (Horus)
* January 7:  Festival of Aset (Isis)
* January 8:  Festival of Aset (Isis); Birth of Aion
* January 19: The brilliant festival of lights as Neith goes forth from Sais.
* January 23: Day of Het-Hert (Hathor)
* January 24: Day of coming of Tehuti (Thoth).
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* The traditional birthstone amulets of December are the blue zircon and turquoise; and holly, mistletoe, and poinsettia are the month's traditional flowers.
* December, the twelfth and final month of the current Gregorian calendar and the first month Winter, derives its name from DECEM, the Latin word meaning "ten," as December was the tenth month of the old Roman calendar.
* December is shared by the astrological signs of Sagittarius the Centaur-Archer and Capricorn the Goat, and is sacred to the following Pagan deities: Attis, Dionysus, Horus.

General Lore -
* December 8th: The birth of the ancient and powerful Goddess of the Sun (Amaterasu) is celebrated annually at Shinto temples throughout Japan.
* December 12th: The Zorastrian Fire Festival of Sada celebrates the victories of good over evil and light over darkness annually at sunset on this date (approximately).
* December 22: On this date (approximately), the Sun enters the astrological sign of Capricorn. Persons born under the sign of the Goat are said to be ambitious, practical, loyal, and often reclusive. Capricorn is an earth sign and is ruled by the planet Saturn.
* December 25th: The birthday of Mithra (also known as Mithras), the Persian god of light and wisdom.
* New Year's Eve. The modern custom of ringing bells and blowing horns to usher in the new year at midnight is actually derived from the old Pagan custom of noisemaking to scare away the evils of the old year.

Ancient Hellenic/Greek -

* December 1st: The festival of Poseidon, the Greek god of the sea. Poseidon is also the god of rebirth. Also, the Goddess Athena was honored annually on this day with a religious festival called the Day of Pallas Athena.
* December 3rd: In ancient Greece, this day was sacred to the goddess Cybele and also to Rhea, the Great Mother of the Earth.
* December 5th: In ancient Greece, an annual seaside festival (the Poseidea) was celebrated annually on this date to honor the sea-god Poseidon, consort of the Mother Goddess.
* December 7th: On this date in ancient Greece, an annual rite called the Haloia of Demeter was performed. According to mythology, each year the goddess Demeter wanders the earth in search of her stolen daughter Persephone. The goddess' sorrow brings Winter to the world and all trees and flowers cease to bloom; however, Spring returns when Persephone is allowed to temporarily leave the darkness of the Underworld and Demeter once again rejoices.
* December 29th: In ancient Greece, a Pagan religious festival called the Day of Nymphs was celebrated on this day in honor of Andromeda, Ariadne, and Artemis

Ancient Egyptian -

* December 6th: Bast guards the Two Lands; Day of offerings to the Shemsu (followers) of Ra.
* December 8th: In Egypt, the Festival of Neith is celebrated annually on this date to honor the Earth-Goddess of the Delta.
* December 21: Winter Solstice; Feast of Aset (Isis)
* December 23: Festival of the Great Heat; Feast Day of Het-Hert (Hathor).
* December 25: Birth of Heru (Horus) the child of Aset (Isis) ; Going forth of Wadjet singing in Heliopolis;Day of Elevating the Great Netjert (Goddess) in all Her names & manifestations
* December 31: Feast of Sekhmet.

Current Projects:

1. The Eyes of Medusa (90% done)
2. Halloween Lanterns (A bit overdue sadly) - (about 70% done)
3, Sagittarius - Female (decided to remake the zodiacs)
4. Sagittarius - Male
5. Sirens
6. Moirae (Also known as The Fates from Hellenic mythology)
7. Heartless
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The traditional birthstone amulet of November is the topaz; and the chrysanthemum is the month's traditional flower.
November is shared by the astrological signs of Scorpio the Scorpion and Sagittarius the Centaru-Archer, and is sacred to the following Pagan deities: Astarte, Hathor, Kali, Hecate and Sekhmet.

Ancient Hellenic =

* November is the month in which the Day of Hecate at the Crossroads is celebrated. As a goddess of witchcraft, Hecate has become the principle deity of forbidden and dark magic. From ancient Hellenic myth and the Hellenic-Egyptian magical papyri comes the corpus of Hecatean magic.
* November 7th: Night of Hecate. In ancient Greece, a fire festival was held once a year on this night to honor the goddess Hecate.
* November 11th: On this day, the annual Hellenic feast in honor of the wine-god Dionysos.

Ancient Egyptian =

* November 2nd: In Egypt, the final day of the Isia takes place on this day. This annual festival celebrates the rebirth of the god Osiris through the sacred and life-giving milk of Isis.
* November 24th: In ancient Egypt, the sacred goddesses of light and birth were honored and invoked annually on or around this day with prayers, libations, and the ritual burning of special lamps.
* November 28th: Day of worship, dedicated to the goddess Ma'at (Balance).

Ancient Babylonian =

* November 6th: On this day, the birth of Tiamat ( an ancient Babylonian goddess known as the Dragon Mother) is celebrated. According to mythology, Tiamat and her consort Apsu gave birth to all the gods of the world, and the earth and the heavens were created from Dragon Mother's severed body.


Current Projects:

1.  The Eyes of Medusa (90% done)
2.  Hecate, Hellenic Goddess of the Crossroads and Magick.
3.  Ma'at, the Egyptian Goddess of truth and Balance.
4.  Etheric Threads
5.  Halloween Lanterns (A bit overdue sadly)
6,  Sagittarius - Female (decided to remake the zodiacs)
7.  Sagittarius - Male
8.  Sirens
9.  Moirae (Also known as The Fates from Hellenic mythology)
10. Heartless
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I really need to stop forgetting this thing. XD

Works in Progress:

Disturbed - Yes, it is very disturbing. At least to me it is.
Medusa - 90% done, just working on last minute details.
Hera - Linework done.
Aphrodite - Linework Done.
Nyx - Yes, a new one. Linework done.

Have a plesant Autumn Season!
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When did 2010 even come???
Happy New Year to all by the way, on the making at the moment are:

Isis Egyptian Goddess - A new, colored version.
Ma'at, the Egyptian Goddess of Balance - Also new, colored version.
Aphrodite, Hellenic Goddess of Love
Nyx, Hellenic Goddess of Night - thought I would add yet another Nyx to the collection.
Awakening - A New Ramiel tribute.

may 2010 bring inspiration and beauty to everyone's life this year :)
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...This month I would be sloth. I am so lazy lately its making random snowball pigeons melt from frustration... Yes. I am aware that my brain reboots every 5 minutes.
I haven't disappeared though just things will be added with no schedule right now...
Pandora's new Version is almost done... And some other festive surprises.
Hoping you all have a very happy XMAS and a very fun New Year!
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I swear the months are mocking me... I looked and realized that November came rather fast this year... Or maybe I'm just an ostrich. Either way I am confused.
November is Scorpio's month, so a new Scorpio fantasy zodiac will be added in tribute to their month. Other things are at work as well but those are based off my two books *drools to herself*
Have a good month!! If you know of anywhere I can hide on November 28 please let me know so people wont harass me too much on my birthday :S
"That which does not kill me had better run pretty goddamn fast..."

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All Hallows Eve. This whole month will be Halloween themed. Will add zodiac Halloween!
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  • Reading: The Dark Elf Trilogy - Salvatore
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Its a Ship... That looks like a rock.... *stares at the person who said that*

Seriously... It is... :P

So yeah after moving all of a Sudden to America from Greece, I finally uploaded something new. Drawings will come as soon as I get a new PC. Horray for Photography to keep me occupied until then!

Back to my turtle hunting for now!

The Ghost of my giraffe will haunt you... O.O
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Turtle Huntin'

Thu Jul 2, 2009, 4:21 AM
I tremble with Awe...

Apparently there IS such a thing as a turtle hunter, shows what I knew about the world and apparently not only does it exist, but evil turtles might attack you back and CHASE you on land!! So bewareeee the turtles wrath! Uhmm... Yeah. The reaction the whole thing got from my family of course was my top phrase for the week, "I'm going to the lake down yonder to hunt me som'o them turtles"

Currently working on a new image "Lucifers Gaze"
Should be done in the next few days if everything goes as planned.

NEW: Misty Nereid (Tribute to my Soulmate).

P.S. I still suck at journal entries ^_^

...And yes someone actually told me this and believed it, apparently polar bears can breathe underwater. I think I am going to become a polar bear hunter now... First place I will look is in the ocean. That will be a fun career.
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Wed Jun 3, 2009, 2:46 PM
Sometimes I even wonder if I am still around O.o

Ah well its about time I wrote a new one of these again. The art block has finally lifted (yay for Symphony X) from me and now the art crisis is taking over (yey in general). Alot of new drawings will be added soon, uncolored and colored versions as I go through them slowly. Some new ones added are:

1. Isis, Egyptian Goddess Of Magick.
2. Mirror Magick.
3. Egyptian Sorceress
4. Ma'at, Egyptian Goddess of Balance
5. Headlong (from my own book)
6. Nereid (based on a very pretty girl I know who loves the ocean)

Also been working on alot of new ones that are unfinished at the moment. As usually the theme is fantasy related. Some of these will be:

1. Pandora's Box (A new more refreshing version cause Im bored of the old one).
2. Zodiac's Capricorn, Cancer and Sagittarius.
3. Bliss (This will be a very interesting image, thats all I can reveal for now ;))
4. Goddess of Neptune (A request)
5. Anything else that might be popping in my mind since I've been on a roll lately.

There should be more updates from now on.. If you have a request and its fantasy related that you would also like to see just leave a message and I will see what I can do for you. Just no Dragons. I should be shot whenever I draw a dragon ^.^

"I've never been one to complete anything in my life, but this time I wi..." :D
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Oh my God, The Horrors!

Sat Feb 14, 2009, 4:57 AM
Sometimes I even wonder if I am still around O.o

Had the worse case of art block these past few months, in every aspect of my life. Couldn't write, didn't feel like singing or drawing or even composing new music. In other words, it sucked. Recently I decided (and yes it WAS actually a decision) that I was too bored doing nothing so I started up again. Some things I am working on are listed below, I just hope the inspiration continues and I dont freeze up again.
Some works in progress include:

Touching the Storm - I've been actually battling with this one a while now. (UGH)
Eve, Original Sin - Which is about 85% done with the new drawing approach I am trying.
Soulmates - Which is also around 90% done and is a work I am actually proud of...
Pandora's Box - Currently doing research to start this one.
Eyes of Medusa - Tribute art to one of my favorite bands, Symphony X.

There might be several others that will come up before I start posting again but yeah, Im still around for the most part and after the lazyness and bad moods leave me I will be on my way to completing some new art. I will be trying a new approach to drawing as well, so my works will not be exactly similar to the old ones I have posted and hopefully will be better and with more details. (fighting off the "Im bored with all the little details" demon is not the easiest thing in the world and most artists will agree with me there...)

"I've never been one to complete anything in my life, but this time I wi..." :D
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