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Crashed Spaceship
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Aside from the Yamato and the Arcadia, the SDF-1 is the most iconic ship, and my personal favorite <3
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Okay, so apparently Harmony Gold (the current distributor of Robotech and trademark owner of Macross in the US) just re-posted this on their Facebook with some alterations to it.…

I was just wondering if you were aware of this or if you willingly made this for them, because lately they've been swiping artwork from other sources and re-posting them like they own the stuff.
emanshiu's avatar
I hear you man and thanks for the headsup , I've commented on it as well.
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You're very welcome. I was surprised they just randomly posted the image without any real context, let alone giving you any credit for the work. I don't know if they're trying to fool people into thinking this is related to their live-action movie or what, but apparently anyone's artwork relating to Macross/Robotech is fair game.

They recently released cover art for a new Robotech comic series and they claimed it was from the Waltrip Brothers. Turns out, most of the illustrations were traced right out of Shoji Kawamori's artbook "Macross Perfect Memory".… Other comic concept work is them paying artists to redesign Japanese toy pictures from shop sites; they didn't even bother to make sure that the plastic clip pieces for missile pack attachments and toy configurations or the double-elbow arm pieces were edited out. Just no originality at all.…
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wow, just wow, when I see something like that, I think Macross should get a gritty reboot, but I don't really watch anime anymore, much rather lose myself in pictures like this. Stunning.
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I'm guessing this is when the ship first crashes on Macross Island.
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If there was a nit to pick.. I'd have chosen green as the original color.
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Probably one of the best depictions of the crass of the ASS-1 (aka Macross) I've ever seen!
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Perfect! I lost myself in the details!  How long did you work on it?
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Great work! Love it!!
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Holy shit, thats a great piece of art. I like the idea, i like the feeling. Thumb up!
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You're too TOO good.
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This is really awesome. Almost looks like a photo of an actual crash. Great work.
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Smokey the Bear is going to be PIIIIIIIIIIISED.
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Ah yeah! SDF-1! The forest fires look great. The whole scene is amazing as well. :D
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