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Concept artwork for Thor Ragnarok

This was a piece done for the valhalla sequence that got cut from the film. It was an interesting idea none the less!
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I certainly would've liked the movie way more it it had went down this more "serious" route your visual concept seems to imply, as Stingra said in the comment below. It would've made the movie really awesome for me, instead of the boisterous Viking-themed "Guardians of the Galaxy"-style psychedelic fest it eventually turned out to be. 
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This is so awesome!! The lighting and colours and composition are all PERFECT :0
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I was always really interested in the more 'serious' take that Thor Ragnarok seemed to be leaning towards in Age of Ultron. I absolutely /love/ the movie we got, it successfully revived Thor and made him Best Avenger, but it would have been interesting to see that more 'serious' version. Would this have taken place on Asgard, when Thor unlocks the Odinforce after having his ass kicked by Hela, or would it have been part of Heimdal's one man resistance (which I think we needed just a tiny bit more of)?