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Christmas Carol

THis is a painting I did for the movie Christmas Carol
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Simply great !!
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This is just superbly atmospheric !
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Wonderful! Just great!
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Amazing. Totally love this!
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WOW It's wonderful!
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okay, where is the ladder?
great work
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Its the geometry of the whole thing that i love,

the floor plan, the little secluded-ness of the place

good work indeed !!
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This is amazing woah
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The lighting is amazing!
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The lighting is astounding. The rest is only amazing.
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Isn't this featured in a journal DeviantArt did recently? I would like to know which one.
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Artists on Writers - Charles Dickens
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From the perspective you've painted, I feel an incredible amount of weight (or gravity) that the character is feeling of working late at night around the holidays!
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Beautiful! I love how dark the room is except for that little light which shows all sorts of details!
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This is amazing!
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Perfection! Totally captures the lonely clerk in the cluttered 19c office.
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Wow. This is amazing!! The perspective and the lighting and everything! I'm not even sure what to say, it's just spectacular! :D
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