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SnK Magazine: Levi

A lot of you wanted him so there you go!
Is there anyone who doesn’t like him?!
One of the most memorable characters by far :D
Who will be the next covergirl?

Get the print:…
Other covers:…
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Text is too real lmao, I love it

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Feisty Hamster, lol 
I'd read this thing for the cleaning tips :)
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I just realised we've used the same ref for Levi! hilarious! I think that must mean that ref really captured the Levi spirit

Levi by tesorone
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WOW This art is stunning!! <33 GaH I love Levi! ;U; 
emametlo's avatar
Ohhh thank you so much, sweetie!! Who doesn't love Levi!? :iconkawaiipandaplz: 
Jessica441's avatar
Need those cleaning tips rn!!
emametlo's avatar
I need them too :D
Jessica441's avatar
Get the best advice from the best- xD
Btw.... "feisty hamster" ? XDD that's a very cute idea !
emametlo's avatar
Straight from the source xD
But hee issss! so small and kytue! :D
Jessica441's avatar
Imagine him literally turning into a hamster & starts biting on literally anyone he could bite into- xDD
buttercup234's avatar
He has fukin!!!!
Ice-cold-queen's avatar
I love looking at these they make me laugh so hard I start crying
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Scintillarescenza's avatar
More like Armin or Erwin. (chapter 83 reference)
Ackerisms's avatar
Eren or Erwin? Why not both? (Ships both Ereri and Eruri)
Damae-chan's avatar
Eren or Erwin? Petra pls (?)
Eren or Erwin ohmygosh I am laughing my butt off right now xD
TheGothWeaboo306's avatar
Why does he remind me of Brendon Urie
Lfenwyn's avatar
Hahahahahahahaha the writing on these things i'm dieing,  great portraits! They're all so glamorous OwO I love your work!
Ahopa's avatar
Your drawing is amazing but don't know why, Levi here makes me think of Tom Riddle :D
Katherine112233's avatar
I'm so glad im not the only one who thought that. He really does look like Tom Riddle 
BornInSummer's avatar
Haha omg in the first second I thought this was Lucky Blue Smith here :D
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