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SnK Magazine: Armin

Next up on my SnK Magazine series: The forever precious Armin! In a  ponytail! :la:
I've always wanted to draw him with a ponytail. I took the first chance I got :D
Now then, who will be the next covergirl?

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Also NO HE DOESN'T look like a girl,,, don't worry about those comments OP. Boys can be pretty too ❤
LivyatanMelvillei's avatar
He got so hot ahh 😭 If s4 Arumih had long hair
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May i share this on my Facebook art account? (i'll credit ofc)

If it's alright that is

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I thought this was Annie at first xD lol
drgness's avatar
i literally thought this was a girl.... still awesome though!!!
digitalbird06's avatar
I love his long hair! He's so smexy
DD-Yang's avatar
A crush on Jean? 😂 So cute. X3
Great job!
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oh my fuck *kneels* YOU ARE GOD Waaaah! 
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I actually saw the speed paint for him not 3 days ago and I found you on deviant art cool👍
II-A-II's avatar
I agree; So precious.... BE MINE!!
xXBSCXx's avatar
Oh wow! Armin looks amazing here Shocked 
psycoaces21's avatar
armin looks like a girl and before i clicked on the pick i thought it was annie 
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Thank you for gifting us with this ;-;
Candyapplezz's avatar
That Jean line *fangirl giggles*
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oK THANK YOU VERY MUCH i just felt in love for armin.

H E   I S    S O   H O T   D E A R   F R E C K L E D   J A Y Z U S. ///marcowewantyoubackbtw
ShingekiNoThanks's avatar
is coming back
season 2
now party
IDontWantToSleep's avatar
mam da womens dont have adams appal
ShingekiNoThanks's avatar
Armin's poor gender is being mistaken by thousands every day. You can stop by donating anatomy lessons for anime. Please, help Armin become identified as a male by more than twenty people. Donate at' to help.
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......that's not a woman. that's armin. 
IDontWantToSleep's avatar

clos enof
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