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SnK Girls

After doing the boys, It was only fitting that I do he girls too!
Though, surprisingly, the boys were a lot easier for me...
I had to redraw certain girls god knows how many times *coughs*SashawholooksmorelikePetrasosheisnowpetra*coughs* and they still didn't turn out how I wanted them too! ;-;

Get the print:…
Annie Speed Paint:…

The boys:
SnK Boys by emametlo
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How are people able to draw something so perfectly? Amazing...

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If it is canon... isn't Mikasa Oriental....?

All really good tbh - 4/5 ^^

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ANNIE she's still the most beautifullll <3333 I adore how you've portrayed them all >v<
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Historia ( sanırım 3.) Amalie Snolos gibi  görünüyor

Amalie Snolos by 17nevergiveup22   Amelie Snolos by 17nevergiveup22  
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OMG! They look so real! I want to touch themLa la la la  You are a great artist ClapI don't know which one looks best, all are amazing Love 
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This is a very realistic version of them!
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They are so pretty! X3 Emote :eeeee: 
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Historia looks SO much like Chloe Grace Moretz, lol! They look really good, Annie seems the most stunning for me, and it surprises me how Ymir differs from the magazine cover version I like that one a lot more, but the other girls look gorgeus here! Ahh you´re so talented Clap 
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these are fantastic 
SleepAndDreamG's avatar
Wow, Ymir is really beautiful (the others too)! It's stunning, bravo! 
Petrartworks's avatar
This is great. You are SO talented and I love the Hanji Zoe magazine !!!
However, I can see Annie - ??? - Historia - ??? - Mikasa :/ Please help me ! ^^"
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waouh! Annie is just gorgeous!
Annie is just absolutely gorgeous in this :D
this is actually amazing i love your art!
aenafarooq's avatar
sooooo gooood!!!!Clap Clap Clap Clap La la la la La la la la La la la la :happybounce: :happybounce: :happybounce: 
Noutty's avatar
I love annie >oooo< 
KatakanaKatalina's avatar
Not to sound like an idiot, but who is the second one next to Annie?
Sarolonde's avatar
I do believe that's Ymir.
KatakanaKatalina's avatar
Thank you kind stranger!
Sarolonde's avatar
Lol you're welcome :)
yUrik0XdEi's avatar
*touches Annie's face* S-so beautiful....they're all beautiful!!
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This is so amazing uwaaaah! You have amazing talent! <3
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