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Hi !

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I propose you a portrait (send me several pictures, one main image and some other of the person), flower or landscape in watercolor painting. if you want it some just tell me.
I take 50$ for a A3 format + postal fees
or just 25$ for a A4 format + postal fees

Don't hesitate.

  • Listening to: Micheal Giacchino "John Carter"
  • Reading: Enrico Marini "Les Aigles de Rome"
  • Watching: Terra Nova, Twin Peaks, Hell on wheels
  • Playing: Call of Duty Modern Warfare III
  • Eating: ham, chicken and turkey
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Jean Mœbius Giraud is in a better world now.

This great master is dead this morning, that day is a little more grey...
My sadness is huge, infinite and  inconsolable. All the people who loves creativity are now orphans.……
  • Listening to: Micheal Giacchino "John Carter"
  • Reading: Enrico Marini "Les Aigles de Rome"
  • Watching: Terra Nova, Twin Peaks, Hell on wheels
  • Playing: Call of Duty Modern Warfare III
  • Eating: ham, chicken and turkey
  • Drinking: Coca Zero, Schwepps
Hi !

So amazing, I had so much fun and I met very great guys as Geoff Darrow so funny and so talented ! I spent a very good time aside him, selling my comics books for the WIP Agency and takling about so many interesting things with great people.

Bye and thanks to you all
See you very soon

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Hi !
For the first time a was included to a staff in a Con : Paris-Manga. I was crew member of the WIP-Agency to sell some comic books, the customer could buy and ask for a draw and a signature. It was so great to see: Mike Lilly, Leo Libelmann, James Hosting, Gary Erskine, Olivier Boiscommun, Eric Godeau, Vinz El Tabanas and many more drawing in font of the happyfews and aside me. I meet really some kind people. I wish to be in the crew next time. It gave me the lust to draw !
I have also meet Christopher "Teal'c" Judge from Stargate and get my picture with him ! :) Yes I am definitely a geek and proud of it !
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Illustrator Frank Frazetta died on May 10, 2010, heart attack, he was best known for his fantasy and science-fiction drawings, has passed away. He was 82.

Frazetta was famous for his works on paperback covers, movie posters and other commercial works, including those of the Conan the Barbarian series. The character became a cult favourite and later inspired a series of movies starring Arnold Schwarzenegger. He was also known for his illustrations of Edgar Rice Burroughs characters such as Tarzan and John Carter of Mars.

His style, which depicted muscular warriors and scantily-clad women often locked in combat with deadly beasts, became touchstones of fantasy and science fiction.

Without him no SC-Fi no Heroic fantasy as we know it today. Without his artwork Conan may have been lost to the ages. His influence was awesome, for the modern illustrators and for me.

Sad day...

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Bad news of a raining day :
Noted illustrator Dave Stevens, creator of "The Rocketeer" and an influential Bettie Page revivalist, died last Monday following a courageous battle with leukemia. He was 52, and will be dearly missed by his many fans. My thoughts are with his family and friends. Peace to him a great illustrator.

(read on
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I am in vacation in Thailand I will update my galleries with some pictures of this marvellous country
petit recit de voyage :
petit coucou rapide a tous les Deviantartistes voyageurs je mesure la chance que j ai d etre ici quand il fait froid en france j ai rencontre des voyageuses une allemande Manuela et une francaise Sandra faisant ses etudes a singapour que moi et mon pote Yacine nous ne quittons plus (elles partent demain de chiang mai ou je me trouve) on rigole bien et je me sens  revivre 1000 fois plus qu a paris la vie est tres tranquille on a tous ensemble fait une viste de ferme d elephant avec un petit voyage sur le dos du magestueux animal , visite du grand marche qui se tient le soir avec des centaines de gens on a goute a tous les trucs bizarre qu on ne trouve nul part ailleurs et je suis toujours vivant un miracle  on a cherche un bar karaoke et un chauffeur de touctouc nous a emmene dans un bar a hotesse qui effectivement faisait karaoke mais on a detale aussi sec c etait tres drole on est alle dans un bar ou des petits groupes reprennaient des standards du rock avec l accent thai  tres marrant aussi on a pu danser rencontrer d autres barroudeurs et discuter de tout et de rien
aujourd hui on a visiter un des plus beaux temples de thailand le Doi Southep en effet magnifique difficlement immaginable sans y aller la montee des marches pour y acceder demande un minimum d entrainement ...j habite au 6eme sans ascenseur ca m a bien aide il faut toujours voir le bon cote des choses :) le dome est dore a l or les gens sont calmes respectueux et souriant la thailande est le pays du sourire j atteste avec plaisir! Ensuite visite de fabrique de bijou splendide et 4 fois moins cher au en france du coup un vendeur nous a suivi croyant que j allais me fiancer a Sandra qui complice a pu essayer bagues et boucles d oreille de folie vraiment un moment sympa, visite egalement  de fabrique d ombrelles et de soie  dans artisanat il y n y a pas art par hasard surtout dans ce cas precis ce qu ils font est splendide. Ce soir championnat de Muay Thai au Stadium (en spectateur) les filles y tiennent absolument c est precisement l endroit ideal pour assister a ce genre de chose et night bazar ensuite, avec moult gourmandises a tester j adore la nourriture asiatiques !!!
pour les jours  venir je pense qu une petite incursion au Laos sera envisageable avant de redescende dans le sud de la thailande
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I am going to go to Thailande I leave france to Bangkok on friday morning december 7th while a whole month and tow weeks. I hope to capture some good pictures. I wish you all deviant and good christmas time and a happy new year 2008 from now.
Bye Bye :)
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Hey guys
I traveled in Croatia last week a whole week. It is a very beautiful country, mainly le coastyard. The north-west called Istria is great lots of romans ruins can be seen overthere. At poula we have the sixth tallest arena where gladiator fought for there life and christians praied for the life too...All this was the bright side of life sunny weather while visiting the national parks with water falls, lakes, islands etc...

But in the trip to reach Zagreb from Slpit I have seen the abandonned farms and houses , blasted, almost destroyed a bad rememberance of the last war. It seems to me they suffered a lot. As the french poet Jaques Prevers said : "Quelle connerie la guerre !" (What a bullshit, the war).

Another harmful thing is the "concretisation" of the coast. Too more building. That will become like the Azur coast in the south of france.

So you have to visit this country. That's it :)
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Hey !
I went to Venice this week. This town deserves to be discovered I don't think that Paris is the most beautiful town in the world but Venice is surley one of them. The light on le lagoon was spelndid the weather was very bright, blue sky with a shinning sun all the time. Venice is a real theater scenne. Each place goes with a church with master painting (Veroneze, Titien, Tintoret...), sculptures, or a palace with red  yellow or ochre wall. The little streets and the channels turn Venice into a labyrinth (good luck to find your hotel :).
You may have to visit the Doges palace, the campanile and the San Marco basilica pearhaps if you have the time, the three museums in one around the San Marco place (Correr museum...) first. After that I took the National Geographic guide book which gave several tripping through the town to walk aside the tipical tourist ways and see the true side of reality where the time stopped since 5 century without a mask or glass shop. I took the boat several time to visit San Gorgio for example or to return to the airport but none tour in gondole because it is too much expansive and I was alone (the main reason) !.
So I will set several pictures about this great trip on my page and I wish you to come in italy near the Adriatic sea (I remember the Miyazaki animated film Porco Rosso :) ). It is not an old hat destination but a very romantic one very appreciate by the young japaneses girls and couples.
Have a good trip !
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I am more and more intersting but anatomy female or cats. I am always fond of the both animals and women (no link between them I wouldn't dare...) but I love always airplane, boats, landscapes, flowers my difficulty is to choose a subject to paint. It is a story of my life :" what I have to do ?" I spend so many time asking me that question without finding an answer and usually it is never the good choice ;) but each day I try to improve my self.
Bye Have a nice day
If you want me to paint something or someone just tell me it.
I change my working area I am no longer on the same site where I had a scanner, computer and a internet.
I am working at the computer service of Eurodisney resort Paris. I very disappointed because I have no more computer, internet, or even time my hours to work are so strange I am working on the week end and sometimes until 22. I have no time to draw or paint anyway I do not have a scanner in order to scan my stuff.

Here we have very old pc, old system (win95,98,2000) IBM pc to old without usb 2, only usb 1 at the back of the pc, we could think that the hi technology could be found in a such rich society is just the contrary. So far, I meet bad behaviour, people are hungry to work hard for a low salary earned, the condition here are very bad. Some of the technician working with me are engeneer but realize a work for 2 men and a stupid work ex: swap a cash machine, The site is terrific inside but aside looks like hell.

So I feel very bad my mood his very low, I am twice bac+5 and do a stupid work so I guess that I am stupid my boss betrayed me they told me that was a very good place but the knew the truth, and every body is laughing about me. I am so innocent sometimes a real bird mind...I am so tired...I did a lots of studies (7 years engeneer in geography environment, and engeneer in computer sciences) for that result is a shame.

How can I live with hope bosses had already betrayed me exploited me as a slave How can I trust in such men, human being can be good but evil too

So tired I am...
I went to London on Sunday and took a lots of picture. I was in training at Guildford a pretty little town witn old style building in red bricks many little and cute shops. I met good fellows overthere, very sympathics. I wish every one can go there, it was a peaceful time and hope you could discover  England too for those who were never gone over (or under) the Channel.
I find a gallery on the Queen's walk along the thames which sold  many art book and some good equipment to paint (a bit expensives as every thing in Uk) I bought some watercolors books unfoundable in France.
So enjoy United Kindom
Enayla aka Linda Bergkvist is still alive

you can see her masterpiece  on the cgtalk forum (with goldenprice for sure)…

she is also in a book edited by the CG society :…

The great point is she is in Spectrum the very great etential book of the year (you have to buy it if your're interesting in art)

I am a great fan about her work
Dedicated to the nature lover The mother nature give us at the moment I write these lines the eclipse is happening over our heads. I see it with special sun glasses. It is a amazing show. A gold disc covered by a dark one it is great and so rare to see. However The light around us is not totally darky but still the same  because it is not just above us, the external side of the moon goes trough the middle of the sun.
Great !
I take lots of my old beginner's workand scan them  to set them on my gallery so enjoy for those who love it. Because I take 10 days to decide to draw, 2 or 3 days to draw, 2 or 3 days to paint...that's a bit long ...sorry
I have no more scanner to scan my drawing or painting work so I post many cameras pictures and so I am in pain for the moment