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By Emakura
Could have done better if I had more time, but I'm pretty proud of it.
Done for extra credit in the drawing class, and it's for the university's art show. Our mascot is the lion ;)

I really hope they like it 8D
(Won my first ever ribbon in an art show and got 1st)

Done with pencils

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Beautiful. Although if I may say one thing, the blank white area at the bottom in the middle is a little distracting.
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I just wanted the face and mane, that is pretty much where the rest of his body starts but I see what you mean.
I'll consider it for next time, thank you ^^.
SecretTacoNinja's avatar
You could always cheat a bit as well and make the mane a little longer, just to make the length match the other parts.
Emakura's avatar
I was thinking that, but his face is small as it is, and I think it would be too much if I made the mane any longer
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I've always wondered how someone can make something so realistic with just pencil and paper and this is no exception@
Emakura's avatar
To me it isn't :(
That fur looks ewwww to me
I just like the eyes <3 But thank you c:
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Hey, considering my drawing's horrible but I love doing it, I guess many things would seem great to me! I still like it
Emakura's avatar
Thank you :)
and they are not bad, but I like your attitude to keep it up!
Practice makes perfect c:
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Yea, you should see my room, I'm running out of wall space!
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