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Hi guys!!

I'm on my friends laptop right now so I'm going to be quick, I currently don't have any internet xD it's crazy!! The only internet I have is on my phone so I've been super addicted to apps like Facebook and tumblr. Because of this I've been posting photos of sketches I've been doing on these pages!! It's just easier to use the apps on my phone. So! If you want to be kept up to date with my recent sketching, please like my arts Facebook page and please follow me on tumblr.

Facebook page:


Hope to see you there!! Leave me a comment anytime ^^ I miss you guys!!!
Holy crap! it's been a while again DA hasn't it?! How have you all been?

I'd like to just firstly say a huge HELLO AND THANK YOU to all my new watchers! if any of you have any questions about any of my stories or characters or even just about me, please feel free to drop me either a comment in this journal or in a note and i'll get to introducing the mad things that make up my imagination ^^ hehe

As for all my old watchers, I'm suuuuuper sorry i've been even more busy than usual lately!! I'm missing being creative a lot and i've been itching to draw my main man, Dontas for a while now so hopefully, he'l take me over and for me into drawing him sometime soon lol

i've missed you all a lot, i always get soooo much inspiration from you all on DA so i'm glad to be back and hope i can get some stuff submitted at some point too. 

Have a good day everyone!! ^^


As promised and with all my thanks :)
I came to check my DA and saw this ------>>>

I think some other artists stuff is there as well as my picture of Loki, I think I can see Boomer's Jimmy as well.

What is the world coming to XD it's hilarious that people are still doing this!!!
...can't promise it'll be good though XD

*stay tuned*

Hey guys :( Even though I just typed a sad face i'm actually quite cheery today, I just watched the end scene to crisis core for the gagillient time XD so i've had a heart warming blub to myself and am feeling very lost and creative lol

I really need to practice me some painting, my new job and country have pretty much got me working 24/7 so i fear for my right hand....and it's ability to remember how to draw >< However, as usual I can't decide which of my millions of characters I want to work on the most and, since i don't have a membership thingy to make a poll, I'm requesting requests here in this journal. I'm only looking for my own characters just now, who are you missing the most?

Also, hello!! how is everyone? Sorry for my complete absence as of late but the above explains why i have dropped off the face of the earth XD

Please be forgiving me ><

Also also, I'm really sorry but now that everyone has changed their DA user names I have diddly squat idea who anyone is anymore! >< XD Sooooo.....yeah......

....carry on.

All my huggles,

Em-j ;p
So here I am, landed and settling into my Japanese way of life. I'm getting to know my time table and my schools just now but i'll hopefully have more time for art real soon ^^ I miss my characters sooooo much! For anyone that wants to follow my adventures I update my blog and my youtube regularly, so please check them out;


Blog: ems-wishful-thinking.blogspot.…

I'll be in touch ;p love you all :heart: xxxxxxxxx
I'm in a lot of pain right now, I don't know why for sure but I want to update this journal while I have a little time to think about it. To say I have been busy lately is putting it mildly! I'm in the last week of my current job! Which is exciting 'cause I hate that job like muff and can't wait to leave! >< also, all my paperwork for Japan came through, I'll update my blog with photos and stoof at the first opportunity I get. Things are only going to get even busier now that my flights are booked and I have a date settled for moving, I fly out on the 18th of march and will arrive in Japan on the evening of the 19th…. Eeee ^^ I can't wait to get to work!

As far as drawing goes, I'll hopefully be able to take my tablet with me and start my art up again once I'm out there and settled in :3 I really don't want to give up my art no matter which country I'm in or what I'm doing for a living.

However, until that time comes my page is pretty much on hiatus…but hopefully when I come back, my art will be better than ever J I miss you guys. See you on the other side! :D

Em-j xoxoxox

More Detailed Updates!!

Wed Dec 7, 2011, 10:23 PM

Alright so i realise that with me not having ANY time lately I've been kind of half heartedly mentioning things in passing and not really explaining anything so, lets start from the begining.

For the past year i've been trying to apply for a job teaching out in japan and i finally got it! Because of this the past few months/weeks have been filled with interviews and forms, chasing up information to be processed and now, finally, all i have left to do is wait for my visas and recruitment information so, also finally, i feel i have time to indulge in other things that need to be done, like commissions, ordering prints and maybe even some things of my own....drawing, writing and the likes.

I realised that i was carrying a lot of baggage, mainly mentally so i considered the idea of starting a diary to house all that's been on my mind. I find it helps to lock away my thoughts, once they are on paper they are no longer in my head keeping me awake at night. But then I also realised that locking them away in a book is one thing but, if someone was to read them and relate well, i wouldnt feel so mental about it all and that would help me relax more, so, since my last blog pretty much failed and i moved it to tumblr, i remade it as a journal. You are all welcome to follow my mental thoughts, keeping in mind i'll be carrying it on during my adventures in japan, god knows I'll be lonely at times and having it to work on is already making things seem more comforting :)
The link for it is here --- ems-wishful-thinking.blogspot.…

I want to say thank you again to all who constantly wish me well here, it always cheers me up that no matter how long i vanish for, as soon as i come back here there are always people holding a warm reception for me. I love you all so much :heart:

As far as painting goes, I am trying to find time to do some before i go away, not sure how much i will be able to do once im out there, will need to focus on the job for a while at least. I have no idea what my free time is going to be like but i know the japanese require me to give pretty much everything I have to the job so we'll have to see.

It's really late at night so I hope there aren't too many mistakes in this journal XD *fingers crossed*
I'm going up to Glasgow to see some friends and to do the last of my Christmas shopping for my last Christmas in Scotland for a while so i wont be at home for the next couple of days, however, i'll see if i can get some painting done in the days after. Work has me by the balls at the moment, another pain i'll vent over in my blog :) I miss my characters...and being creative in general. Time will have to be made if not found.

Anyway, i feel like Merril from DA2, I'm rambling again, aren't i? :hehe:

I don't think I tell you all just how much I appreciate and love you!! ^^

Keep the faith :) and know your em-j is thinking of you.


Kiriban!! 100,000

Sun Sep 25, 2011, 7:27 PM

....that is all. Art for the one who supplies me with a screen cap of them catching my 100,000 pageview.


Em-j xoxoxoxox

Just a reminder to all old Loki fans and an introduction to the new ones, Loki has his own twitter page which he is updating a lot recently. You can find it here;

Loki Stamp by PianoxLullaby Loki Stamp by PianoxLullaby

Also free free to use that stamp to show your Loki support, or make your own and link me it :lol: i'll add it to me profile :meow:

Anyhoo! if you fancy an odd glimmer into Loki's current where abouts, mind ramblings or stoof, follow the pants off him :) He also wishes to assure everyone that they are free to talk to him and ask him stuff, he says he doesn't bite...well, not unless he's hungry ;)


Commissions are open!

Fri Sep 9, 2011, 4:40 PM

I NEED MONEY desperately ;_; you guys have no idea.

So! Commission info is as follows.......;

+ High quality, detailed line sketch of one character, portrait = £5/$8

+ Black and white painted portrait = £10/$15

+ Colour portrait = £15/$24

+ Full body B+W = £20/$32

+Full body colour = £25/$48

+ 3/4 full body couples or groups =£30/$48

All will be to my realism standards and an extra £5/$8 can be added to have your commission printed, signed and mailed to you. (A4 size)

If you want one just note me here and tell me EVERYTHING you want from the character, provide details, references and anything I need to draw your character to standard.

I ask for payments in ADVANCED and I accept PAYPAL only, unless you can offer an alternative.

I'll be taking the commissions 3 at a time but once the three I'm doing have cleared i'll start work on the next three in line, if there are any. If anyone applies for a commission i'll post at the bottom of this journal a progress star for the people waiting for their commission to follow. Many many thanks to anyone who shows any interest, I'm so desperate I can't even describe!

A4 Print Sale!

Tue Sep 6, 2011, 5:55 AM

I'm in serious need of some cash lately XD it's really important as well so I'm holding a sale for any print in my gallery.

They're all going to be A4 size so they'll all be at the fixed price of £15, that includes all printing, postage and packaging and all prints will be signed. Please check how much that is in your own currency.

I'll only be taking PAyPal just now, unless you can offer another way. Regardless, prints will be posted upon recieving payment and i'll let you know your print is on the way :)

All you have to do is note me on DA and link me the image you want! Or images XD don't feel restricted to just ordering one at a time, if you can afford it lol.

Offers stand at:

print x1: £15 p&p (postage and packing) included.
print x2: £25 p&p incl (save £5!)
print x3: £35 p&p incl (save £10!)
print x4: £45 p&p incl (save £15!)

Commissions might also be coming soon, if they do I'll post a journal with all the information you need :)

Thank you in advanced :) I understand that everyone is piss poor at the moment but I appreciate any interest.



Tumblr blog

Sun Jun 12, 2011, 5:40 PM

Just a reminder to check out my tumblr :)

tumblr acount ---->>

I'll post anything unfinished or any w.i.p's whenever i get the chance :) thank you all!!


prints and commisions for sale.

Thu Apr 21, 2011, 9:05 AM

Anyone fancy themselves either a print of any piece from my gallery or a small commision send me a note with the request.

I'll keep them cheap, all prints and commissions will be £10 each (for prints that will cover your postage and packaging)

Commisions will be head and torso with a decent amount of detail. One character per commission and feel free to ask for either your characters, my characters or fan art of actual...characters, you know what i mean, no limits.

urm...yeah, let me know :)


Watcher feature.

Thu Apr 21, 2011, 5:44 AM

I'm recycling a lot of journals lately i know XD but! I wanted to feature someone really quickly just 'cause she's drawn soooooo many pictures for me i need to do something to thank her :D sooooooo enjoy!


And a few others which i support but i dont support XD she knows what i mean :giggle: you'll have to hunt them down ;)

Kudos to :iconeyecandy407: much love is sent her way


Just sketching, if you feel like stopping by click the link ^^

Quick word from Cassius.

Sun Mar 27, 2011, 5:01 PM

My twitter...


---->> @yoshidacassius


I English not much speak, get google translate at the ready! ありがとうございます。

Commission info

Fri Jan 21, 2011, 3:45 PM

Commission info: All digital paintings are £20, if you want more detail i'll charge more, all sketches are £10 and if you want more than one character i'll add £5-10 depending on detail.

all prices are fixed but if i feel the commission is different in some way the price will be altered to suit. Note me for more info. :heart:

If you have any refs you wants used please provide them :) they'll help me a whole lot lol

Thank you in advanced! :heart:



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Formspring me? click the link and have fun ^^

Journal Entry: Sun Oct 31, 2010, 4:37 PM…;<3

havent done this in a while, but last time was so funny i want to do it again :giggle:

Character Tag-o-rama.

Journal Entry: Sun Jul 11, 2010, 11:07 AM
Sooooo apparently i was tagged TWICE! to do these wee character fact here goes.

First is this one, Cassius was requested lol
And since i never follow the rules XD i wont be posting them ;p


1) Under all the make up and dye he just looks like your normal japanese boy, dark hair and really deep, dark eyes...he hates it XD
2) He prefers the ladies, but is known to abuse a boy from time to time. :heart:
3) He's killed people in his past, and probably will again XD
4) After spending a good few years in a gang, he prefers being on his own; he doesn't trust people like he once did.
5) He named his guitar but he wont tell me what her name is XDXDT>T
6) He loves to make onigiri X3 can't get enough o'those rice balls!
7) He drinks a shit load of coffee (I don't really know why XD)
8) Sleeps NAKED!! *most of the time XD

and now two more for good measure!

9) His favourite pocky is strawberry.
10) He has a thing for apples and has an apple tattoo somewhere on his body XD ;p

AND! this one didn't specify a character XD SO I'M PICKING ONE! 'AIGHT!


1 His full name is Dontas Lucis Tenebrae, the Lucis part was after his great great great etc granddad, Lucius Tenebrae.
2 He's the spitting image of his dad but he gets his silver highlights from his mum :)
3 He's an avid daydreamer.
4 He fights with his twin handguns but is really good with his fists aswell ^^ don't mess with the Don XD
5 He has alot of dark powers even he doesn't know about but his greatest feature is his wings. he doesn't use them too often though, they attract attention XD
6 Dontas was madddddddddly in love with a human when he was younger but they were discovered and she was murdered. :( sad times.
7 He has no idea where most of his family is, they seperated when their home was discovered and destroyed. He's been homeless ever since. but doesn't mind.
8 He's one for getting itchy feet and will have to move on if he's in one place for too long. he's not sure how he feels about this but i hate it XD
9 His most favourite thing EVER!!! is the piano and could easily sit and play it for hours (if he ever finds one)
10 His favourite colour is purple and he doesn't know why :)
11. He was meant to have a little sister but she died shortly after being born :( He never knew her.

And just to keep you guessing XD (told you i dont follow the rules!!)

FACTS ABOUT LOKI!!! *'cause he wont leave me alone DX

1 He has over 20 piercing all over his body but he can't take any of them out now that he's a vampire, otherwise they'll all heal up instantly. This also means he can never get a new one, his body just rejects it. same with new tattoos.
2 Loki was born in Cork in Southern Ireland, but moved to Kilkee (also in SI) when he was about 7/8, where he met Cid :)
3 Loki's full name is Paul Kelly Johnston, but his middle name is the name he goes by. But from a very young age he was constantly getting into trouble and pulling pranks so he was soon dubbed 'Loki' by Cid while they were learning viking mythology in school. AND IT STUCK! *based on true events* XD
4 He was raised with heavy catholic ideals but he's not as religious as his parents are, thus, he and his dad do NOT get on.
5 His dad is a chatholic priest from America who came over to Ireland and met Loki's mother. However, he's not the best of dad's (another reason why he and Loki don't really get on)
6 Loki wasn't always openly gay. when he was younger (and because of his upbringing) he had a few girl friends but his first kiss with a boy had him never looking back XD (YET ANOTHER reason why he and his dad don't see eye to eye) :giggle:
7 When Loki was at school his main interests where History/Mythology and Music. He went to university to become a History teacher while playing drums in one band, and singing in another. However he dropped it all after becoming a vampire.
8 He has a pet goliath bird eating spider called 'The Baron' who lives in a tank in his room XD
9 He misses food but just because he forgets what it tastes like.
10 He has a secret crush on his most favourite person ever!! but who is it? XDXDXD

Vampire Kisses Stamp by dammitxsara
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