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elzataerinn's Profile Picture
Hiya all, Elzataerinn here. I've been in this site for a while, but yeah, as a... mostly drifting artist, my activity here can be pretty sporadic, so yeah :) I'll be mainly watching for your cool stuffs here in dA, and occasionally stuffing what's in my head here for the fun of it :)

When it comes to artistry, I'm generally driven by whim, so one, thanks to ya'll who fave etc my works (sensical or otherwise, as they are =P), and two, every now and then I may suddenly decide to pick something (such as your OCs) from your gallery and draw based on that, so hope ya'll okay with that. In return, you can also draw my stuffs, such as my OCs, as long as, one, you say that you are drawing my OCs, and two, don't make money out of my OCs except in some situations such as when I ask for commission drawing.

Cheers for ya :thumbsup:


Jean and Keanan


"A'much mur'ntel d'need?"
"Enough to finish my case by tonight, preferably."
*sigh* "A'nt ye s'kin e'much?"
"You would be too if you've been out in the streets for weeks."
"Weeks? Oh-"
"Miss'em e'ready, huh?"
"Um, de'I ask t'much?"
"... yes."
"A'ell. No'me nten'tion e' scare e'like that."
"You're a nobody to them, you know, why do you care?"
"E'thought ye'know."
"If you're asking if they are fine, they are."
"Ac'cly, somthn' else."
"About what?"
"Just sa'in, E'just moved'e th'Canopy District."
"Oh? Tired of living downtown?"
"Well... just thought'e som'n could'elp watch ove'them?"
"E'can assure you. I don't mean harm."
"You..." *sigh* "You probably don't. But your chief?"
"... 'Kay, ya'get 'point. But it ain't d'Chief we cops e'wary of."
"Oh? You mean you're, heh, some double agent or what?"
"Evn' Chief serv's Swinton, ya'know."
"Oh, the mayor?"
"'Course. She's d'boss. She gets'e veto d'Chief f'she feels like it."
"And how does this translate to watching over the Ivy area by moving over to Canopy?"
"Ell, E'just nee'ta be ca'ful, lie low n'not get t'close t'the two, at's wha'I plan."
"... fine."
"De'fine, as'ye said. Ivy's a quie'place."
"Precisely why we live there."
"Uh hum."
"I'll go out now. Can't stay here dilly-dallying."
"I'll tell'ya e'I got news 'bout this Kevin, kay? Gotta admit e's kinda slippery."


Phew. Spent like 80% of my time drawing this on the bottles, which I think is a bit of wasting too much time, but eh, I guess sometimes that kinda happens.

Okay, so, yeah, this is Jean Elxandre and Keanan Howliwell again, except that this is in Zoodystopia, where Jean (who, again, speaks first here) is still a cop, but Keanan's a private investigator of sorts. They are buddies here, but kinda not on easy terms, especially since Keanan's kinda worried if Jean's getting to close to his siblings may be a problem.

I think I should start writing a fic about this guys, but so far my draft in my head sounded too soap opera-y (is that even a word? :XD:), but eh, hopefully I can get them out eventually.
Water from the Moon
I've reached high up in the skies
Trying to steal the stars
Ooh, to win your heart
But even that's not enough

And I've searched every book I know
Just to find the words
Ooh, to touch your world
And get some love out of you

I've already given all I can give
And I don't, I don't know what's left to try
And I've tried
And I've tried

But what do I gotta do?

Do I gotta get water from the moon?
Is that what I gotta do
To make you love me, make you love me?
Do I gotta turn sand into the sea?
Is that what you want from me?
I've done everything that I can do
But getting water from the moon


It's been a while since the last time I drew cheetahs, especially my cheetah dude, Jason, so when a couple of people re-triggered my love of Céline Dion's song "Water from the Moon" some time back, I decided to draw him in a situation that perhaps fits the song in a way, whatever =P

In retrospect, though, I think I should've put him in a desert or something owing to the song's chorus, but eh, what's done is done; maybe I'll do that someday =P

PS: Those singlet creases look sooo fake though :( Is there a tutorial or something out there on how to make believable fabric creases? >_<


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