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Hot as Hell

The demon queen fanned herself languidly and said, "Is it hot in here or is it just me?"

Her minions trembled and prostrated themselves before her. "It's you, my queen. Definitely you."

Thanks to MariaAmanda :iconmariaamanda: for her Demon Queen Stock, which I used as a reference for this submission.

This picture is the fruit of my experiments with yet another digital painting technique. I've been trying to find a good way to paint a grayscale image and convert it to color. There are many ways to do this in Photoshop, but I wanted a method that would allow me to change colors easily so I could try different color combinations. I eventually came up with a technique that allowed me to do just that. Good thing too because the first few colors I tried were awful.

Basically, my technique involves painting flat, local colors in one normal layer for each object (e.g., the skin, horns, ruffles, skirt, etc.) that needs to be colored separately. I use a hard brush at 100% opacity for painting at this stage.

Over each normal layer, I add a multiply layer for shading. I use the darkest color in my grayscale palette to shade, varying only the opacity to render the form. Over the multiply layer, I add a screen layer for painting the more brightly lit areas of each object. I use the brightest color in my palette for this, also varying the opacity depending on how much light a particular portion of the object is receiving. I use a soft brush at 50% opacity or less throughout this process, varying the pressure on my stylus to further reduce the opacity of the color when needed. This stage is the most time-intensive part of the whole process.

After rendering my grayscale image, I lock transparent pixels on each layer. With a huge hard brush at 100% opacity, I then replace the grayscale colors on each layer with a saturated color whose value corresponds approximately to that of the color being replaced. Having laid down the groundwork earlier with my grayscale rendering, I can change colors very fast at this stage.
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Really loving the pose on this one. Nice work! :D
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Glad you like it. :D
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Thank you so much. And I'm happy to see this displayed in your group Liliths-Realm, especially as it has a very fine selection of art. Celebrate 

Oh, and I just realized that you are also a founder or key officer in other groups that requested this artwork. Thanks for bringing this to BeyondLife-dA, beaute-lamour, AllWomen, DAParanormal, Sexy-Evil, and When-Darkness-comes.

Wow! Wow! This is great. :D
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