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Artist // Traditional Art
  • Sep 10, 1991
  • Germany
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My Bio

I'm a self-taught artist from Germany :heart:

If I'm not drawing, I'm online managing my deviantART, Facebook, instagram etc

Also, I always love doing commissions. If there's anything you want me to draw for you, just write me a note Note la and we will work it out together~

Favourite Visual Artist
Boichi, Slugbox, Miwa Ueda, Satoshi Urushihara,
Favourite Books
Magic The Gathering: Kamigawa-Cycle Novels by Scott McGough
Favourite Games
Pokémon, Monster Hunter, Animal Crossing
Favourite Gaming Platform
3DS / Nintendo Switch
Other Interests
Character-Creation / Reading & Writing / RPG
FYI - I'm streaming on Twitch twice per week! (Wednesday & Sat/Sun) Follow my Twitch-account to get informed when the stream starts! ♥ https://www.twitch.tv/elli_elythe/
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In case you got a bunch of random Faves from me: I re-arranged my Favourite-folders a little bit. Sorry xD
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Me to other artists during InkTober or other challenges when they're tired or want to give up: "JUST DO IT!" "Why do you waste time on complaining instead of drawing? Do something!" "You need to use the time you got! Stop doing other things and get drawing!" " Just start, you'll be happy you did it, in the end!" "Don't think about giving up. Just finish it. It's not that hard!" Me during NaNoWriMo 2020. My first participation. My first time writing a novel. My first time writing 50.000 words... in 30 days: "Ah, I'm just not motivated today. I'll write more, tomorrow." "Hmm, somehow I don't feel like writing right now." "I want the novel done. I just don't wanna have to write it all." "I like the idea but I don't really wanna work on it right now. Maybe later." Now I see it: I've built a habit. The habit of drawing. Without hesitation or any form of resistance I can draw daily. I draw sketches, fully colored pieces, character-designs, art-trades and commissions nonstop. When I
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Are you interested in getting art from me? Check this little list!

Commission Closed Stamp

Commissions are CLOSED

Currently I'm working on some art-challenges which take all my free-time. So I am going to re-open commissions in 2021.

Request Closed Stamps

Requests are CLOSED

Sadly, I do not have the time to fullfill requests. I got many characters I like. I'd love to draw all of my favourite characters - and also yours. But I'm working fulltime and spending every free minute on my art, so I don't have time to fit in requests. Even if I wish, I could. If there's something you really want me to draw, consider commissioning me or asking for an Art-Trade when I'm open again!

Art Trade Closed Stamp

Art Trades are CLOSED

Right now I do have some creative challenges to face. Sketchtember, InkTober, NaNoWriMo - Therefore, I won't be opening Art Trades again, during 2020.

Gift friends only stamps

I draw Gifts for FRIENDS ONLY

Please don't ask me for free art. And please don't send me notes with "Hey, draw me XYZ for my birthday!" because I won't. I sometimes draw gifts for my friends, but without wishlists or pressure. If I don't draw something for your special day it doesn't mean you're not my friend. If I do, it means I had time and motivation to do it. Gifts are meant to be fun for both parties :heart:

Barcode Bride

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It's my 22th birthday today! :happybounce:

Thanks for the fav! :)

daaaaaanke für 5 Jahre Treue!!!!

Thank you so much! :hug:

Wollte mich WIRKLICH vom GANZEN :heart: -en bedanken dass du mich und Karolina so viel unterstützt, Elli obwohl wir doch wildfremde Leute waren. Ich finde es WUNDERBAR dass man dir ECHT verttrauen kannst, dass du NIE Shipping Wars oder bashed. UND ja ich Werde jetzt FÜR MICH zeichnen, DENNOCH muss ich die Dame die Nicole und Aaly "erschaffen" hat fragen ob meine Ideen ok sind. Sie hat aber eh schon zugestimmt dass die Frauen eine Rolle als Kiros best Friends haben dürfen.

Your arts are amazing!