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Artifice: Love/Hate by ElyssaJM Artifice: Love/Hate by ElyssaJM
*Click download for better quality! deviantART hates my painting software it seems*
Read Artifice here: [link]
Original Artifice stories and characters by Alex Woolfson. Original art by Winona Nelson (c) 2012 Alex Woolfson. All Rights Reserved.

Bring on the Yaoi art :la: Well I drew this before I wanted to annoy my homophobic father with my collection of gay couple art, but that's not the point!!
So here we have Jeff (The red headed little cutie) and Deacon from Alex Woolfson's graphic novel Artifice in Chibi form! And I just want to glomp Jeff buuuut I don't want him to think he's being sexually assulted >.0 :iconglompingplz: I really love this graphic novel, and Jeff and Deacon are so cute. I hope the manually typed link works because I'm posting this from my dad's work, and the internet has blocks, and it doesn't approve of yaoi sites. Not that Artifice is esecially explicit and graphic, but the blocks are just general, I can't even get to FaceBook. You should read it, it's amazing! My fan art does not do it justice.
Oh Jeff is pulling out the red lined text bubbles!
My text bubbles suck.

Okay! Found out copyright stuffs on the FAQ section of the site so I added that at the bottom of the picture so Alex wouldn't get mad at me :iconbegplz:
I hope the link is live... If not I'll fix it once I get home. Right now I'm checking the site from my phone *derp* I hope he doesn't mind that I put my name up there, but it is my art and I do want some sort of signature. That is all I can claim credit for, the art, not the characters or their designs, but I can take credit for putting my pencil to the paper and re-creating them in chibi style and giving them this little quip.
Jeff's hair is so freaking awesome.
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kianna713x Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Awww! They is so cute. :squee: I love Jeff! And Duncan.

Also I don't recommend actually glomping people. It looks nice in comics and anime but it hurts in person. I got glomped in high school. The girl was a little taller than me but skinnier and jumped off a bench, across a small hallway and glomped me into a wall! It hurt ... so much ... :cries:
RedDeath-OG Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2012
D'aww. They look and sound adorable! <3
ElyssaJM Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
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