Alternate Ending

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Chasing the Sun by Burning-Liquid

"In the darkness

Celestial Maelstrom by alexandre-deschaumes

under the stars

with enough warning

Drop carrier. by OliviaMichalski

to pull off to the side 

in time

ode to time by SaphoPhotographics
In the end

coma white by liquidsunnyday

was there anyone 


to share in your joy?

In the deep forrest by Inside-my-ART

I woke up one day...

 dream sequence by SilverScreened

and realized

casting shadows by justashadowleft

it was already over.


Underworld by beyondimpression

Back On the highway

Infinite Journey by Hengki24

under the moon

Via lactea by lomatic

my final moments

One year later by SilverScreened

still wondering about you...

a Deeper Silence by Oer-Wout
In the end

was there anyone 

 dokunma by cllozdemir

to share in your joy?

open my eyes... by Catliv

I woke up for years without you

to realize

it was already over for me.

Now making amendments to the story...

Bittersweet. by JadeGreenbrooke

Changing the ending

as I would like it to be.

 Violinistin by Mar-jus
We were together

windowsill by juliatrotti

in a memory

 Lullaby by Pajunen

And we live forever


in finality.

The whole wide world is mine by princessisabell
Holding on

to a dream

go with me by TheLastOfDays

when the end

Gone... by da-phil

couldn't come

slow enough  

for me.

Holding on..."

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Wow , beautiful, thank You :hug: