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I will be the Mother of Dragons

By ElyneNoir
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So I read A Song of Ice and Fire (I'm currently half done with the second book), and watched a few scenes from the series and was fairly disappointed. Especially from the Dragon Eggs... seriously, they look like huge fir cones and nothing like the eggs that were described in the books. (And Joffrey and Tyrion are supposed to have long blond, flowing hair and Daenarys and Viserys should have purple eyes like all the Targaryens have and I could go on and on...)
What I have created might not be 100 % right (the book describes the third egg as black, it only shimmers red in the light), but anyway this shows more or less how I imagined the eggs when I read the book :)
Oh, and I know that the title is incorrect because at the time Daenarys got them she didn't know they were to hatch... but I thought this title is slightly more imaginative than "Dragon Eggs." :D

Stock images I used:
:bulletblue: eggs: by moonfreak-stock
:bulletblue: glitter: by misstaraleexo by FallOutGirl9001
:bulletblue: fire: by FantasyStock
:bulletblue: Smoke:… by EK-StockPhotos by Moonglowlilly
:bulletblue: Textures:
Some textures by Sirius-sdz by thiselectricheart by Stock7000 by Enchantedgal-Stock
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Very nice colors =D
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Beautifully done ! :clap: :clap:
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rare :clap: cool and creative work
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Thank you very much :)
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This is gorgeous *___* I'm in love with the colors :heart:
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Thank you very much :)
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To be fair they did try coloured contacts for many of the characters in the show, including Daenarys and Viserys, but the filters they used in the scenes rendered the contacts useless. I watched the first season before I read all of the books, so I can't say I was disappointed by the dragon eggs, but they are described so much more awesomely in the book for sure!
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Okay, I didn't know that. On the other side, I don't understand why the special-effects-people can manage to let dragons fly around, but cannot change the eyecolour.
I don't think i will watch the series, after reading the first book almost everything I have seen from the first season looks like they've totally screwed it up :|
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Aside from the physical look of some things, the first season follows the story of the first book almost exactly. A few things different happen in the following seasons, but it's to be expected with a story so huge, as well as a character base so massive. I still love it (and obviously the books oh my gosh the books!), but I'm definitely not going to shove it down your throat or anything. :P
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I don't like how some things were changed in the first season. The one thing i'll never understand: Why the hell did Drogo rape Danaerys in the series?
And apart from that, some people said Viserys (in the series) didn't deserve to die like this, and after seeing him in the series, I can't really disagree. He seems much more cruel and threatening in the book... and i think there were a lot actresses who would have played a better Daenaerys. And i don't like that they've made the people a few years older, probably just because otherwise they couldn't show them naked :roll:
And the books are boring, i don't like his style of writing, and his sadistic way of wanting to kill the fans' favourite characters. The more i read about the author, the less i like him. Then again I still read it because i want to know what happens (especially with Arya)...
Sorry, but i'm curious: What do you like about the books? :)
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Yeah I much prefer the wedding night in the book - way more gentle and less rape-y. I have no idea why they felt such a scene was necessary when in the book Drogo was just a big teddy bear.

I think they show creators changed the ages of the younger characters to make it more relateable to a modern day audience (as well as the nudity, really). A lot of people would have questioned the story if they knew Danaerys was 13 at the start of the show (and probably felt very uncomfortable with her as a child bride), or that Arya was 9. I don't think a lot of people could believe her story because children in today's society are just that; children. They basically can't do anything without an adult to make hard decisions like she has to do.

There's no need to apolgise for being curious! :) I actually like Martin's writing style. I like the way his tone and language changes for each characters point of view. For example, Arya (being so young) has less flowery speech, and always calls things and people 'stupid.' Ned Stark's chapters are a lot more gloomy and pessemistic. Danaerys' chapters are full of wonder and hope, since she frees herself from the tyrany of her brother.

Plus I just really love the story. I want to know everything that is going on, I love the complexity of the characters and their relations. I like how things that seemed small and innocent in the first book turn into a major plot development in later books and the whole 'holy shit did that just happen?' moments.
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Wow, this is something i actually haven't noticed before, but you are right, the way Martin created his characters are great.
I am sometimes so annoyed by authors who are unable to create a good character, but George Martin did a great job. I like that you could read a dialogue without mentioning whether Tyrion is talking or Arya or whoever, you would recognize them.
And yes, the complexity is great. The whole plot is so complex, but consistent and logical. :)
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He definitely went above and beyond in creating characters who weren't the typical fantasy-type trope, which is probably the biggest reason I love this series. I haven't read anything else he has written, simply because I love this series so much and keep re-reading it instead of moving on to something new. :P
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