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" Fine! " Sunpaw shouted.
Icepaw sighed sadly. 
" Why do you not want to leave? " Icepaw asked.
" Because this is my home! " Sunpaw said coldly.
Icepaw started to cry. 
" Sorry..." Sunpaw said, trying to comfort Icepaw.
Sun looked at his clan at the other side of the road that monsters passed by them on.
" Icepaw,I will go with everyone." Sunpaw sighed. Icepaw's face brighted up. 
" Yay! " Icepaw cheered. 
Icepaw ran across the road, and then shouted over to Sunpaw, " Come over here! Our clan is leaving! " 
Sunpaw smiled, and hoped over into the road. Sunpaw's clan was now out of sight. the only cat that he could see was Icepaw. Sunpaw took a deep breath...
" Monster! Run Sunpaw run! " 
Sunpaw opened his eyes. A tail lenghth away was a monster speeding at him. 
" Help! " Sunpaw screamed. 
Icepaw watched in horror as the monster went by, and reveled Sunpaw laying there, dead.
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