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Base: Pati Pati

This is a base for you! ^__^ I hope you like it! ^o^

• If you dowload this base from here, plase, remember to click on "Add to Favourites".
• If you have a dolls website and if you use my base, link me back to Glass Temple.

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yunotastic's avatar
is this for ms paint?
LoboDemon's avatar
Great base! Will be my first time trying to edit a one ^^
lotusXelise's avatar
I just love this base! It's so cute and flirty yet innocent! Great pose too! I used her here!
ElyPandita's avatar
Used it :3 [link] thanks a lot for making it
LastBlackDragon's avatar
Lovely base, I want to use it, just don't know for what yet xD
KisaBlue's avatar
[link] used! =3
FoggyPebble's avatar
You actually wanna put this in customization; not digital art.
Nyanamo's avatar
I used your base. It was quite enjoyable ;3

violet-the-haunted's avatar
i use it to ake meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! XD
tenchibaka's avatar
may i use this? i want to sell it for forum currency(gaia)
DragonNeko's avatar
This is a really good base and the pose is great!^^
kittybirdie's avatar
I really like the pose.
I love this base but i don't know what i can do with it right now so i'll fav it and think aboutit sence i really wan to use it.
Fubuki-Pixel's avatar
This is so beautiful! I suck with sitting dolls, but, its so beautiful, I'm gonna have to use it. O_O
raven554's avatar
lovely base :) used it here: [link]
Johara-San's avatar
SugarIsYourFriend's avatar
Shading = AMAZING.

S'really cute <33
choask1699's avatar
hee x3
I'll hafta use this eventuly~

Amazing pixel art : D
ABunnyFromHell's avatar
She's TEH cuteness! Saving and :+fav: <3
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