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Dollz Pixel Art - fan page

Dollz Pixel Art - fan page

:+favlove: Sisters ~omg-its-mits (https://www.deviantart.com/omg-its-mits) :iconJishin: :iconlaurelin79: :iconsissy20021: :iconpersikka: :iconbubujane: :icondamaverde: :+fav: Dollers & Pixel artists :iconangychan: :iconblumina: :iconbombthemoon: :iconcarosio: :iconCasey-Lee: :iconcaterina: :iconchunhyaeng: :iconclandestiny: :iconclytzemi: :icondarkmoon3636: :iconde-thch: :iconEdanadE: :iconfirstfear: :iconfool: :iconfroggy-chan: :iconHappifly: :iconhazellyn: :iconhimenosakurapix: :iconhoneymil: :iconhonoofairy: :iconjethyn: :iconKaliFrantically: :iconKGFcida: :iconLeila-the-Fairy: :iconLinaIvelle: :iconLunie-Chan: :iconmariiiis-dolls: :iconMeganClare: :iconMelbrendt: :ico



:+favlove: Sisters ~omg-its-mits (https://www.deviantart.com/omg-its-mits) :iconJishin: :iconlaurelin79: :iconsissy20021: :iconpersikka: :iconbubujane: :icondamaverde: :+fav: Dollers & Pixel artists :iconangychan: :iconblumina: :iconbombthemoon: :iconcarosio: :iconCasey-Lee: :iconcaterina: :iconchunhyaeng: :iconclandestiny: :iconclytzemi: :icondarkmoon3636: :iconde-thch: :iconEdanadE: :iconfirstfear: :iconfool: :iconfroggy-chan: :iconHappifly: :iconhazellyn: :iconhimenosakurapix: :iconhoneymil: :iconhonoofairy: :iconjethyn: :iconKaliFrantically: :iconKGFcida: :iconLeila-the-Fairy: :iconLinaIvelle: :iconLunie-Chan: :iconmariiiis-dolls: :iconMeganClare: :iconMelbrendt: :iconmil

10 dollz game

10 dollz game

I got this tag from !Nillhenia (https://www.deviantart.com/nillhenia) I'll make a doll for the 10 first people who answer this journal and follow these rules: --> You can ask me for any character! One character per entry. --> You can give some ideas and please send me some references of your character. --> You MUST duplicate this offer in your own journal and make 10 dollz/drawings/sketches/linearts for other people too. I am ONLY doing DOLLZ. Base will be my choice. Just comment if you want one! ^___^ 01. :iconnologico: Re doll his doll 02. :iconKayke: Re doll her doll 03. :iconantoZ: Sora from KH 04. :iconbuffly: Ranze Eto from Tokimeki Tonight 05. :iconmeganclar

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Loana-LalondeStudent General Artist
Hi :(
chatterHEAD Digital Artist
Scroll down

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eubastaHobbyist Artist
Hi~ do you take requests or enter contests?
SproutlingsStudent Digital Artist
Hello there,
I saw that you made pixel art, so I wanted to know if you were interested in helping me and a few others create a game possibly called Pixel Potions. It is a game where you run a potion shop. You must mix ingredients to discover new potions and sell them for money to buy new decorations and ingredients for your shop. Since you are a pixel artist, and we need more people to work on graphics, I was just wondering if you would be interested on making a few potions, people, decorations, ingredients, or anything we really need help on. Thanks for your consideration and note me if you are interested!
eggbiscuitStudent Digital Artist
LoanathecatStudent General Artist
I miss you :tears:
chatterHEAD Digital Artist
ommg i already asked