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Irelia - League of Legends

After a long break, I finally returned to finish this off. :) Hope you like it!

Feel free to do whatever you want with it, as long as you're not making money off of it. I'm giving it away for free, after all. ;)

The work in progress gif is here:…
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im feeling sad irelia isnt that popular atm :/
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Me too. I only really got into LoL after she was triple-nerfed, so I didn't even get to play her when she was OP. But she was one of my favourite champs for having several build options. :)
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i think since trinity force is viable item again u can build irelia strong as well.  I really like this art, its different from her all other skins :P
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So sad. Teemo looks like a little puppy and you killed him :) . Posted this on my Teemo tumblr.
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Yeah, I felt pretty bad for him after I painted that facial expression... :P And thanks!
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I think the best part of this is Teemo looking like he was properly beat up for once. XD
Lol, jk.
Awesome work, Jono (as always). I especially like the lighting in this one ;) 
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Thank you! I haven't seen you in aaaaages! Would be cool to organise something!
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I definitely agree! ;)
Then perhaps we can even converse in Mandarin! (but just heh ^^;
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