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'Thinking Without Portals' - GAoA Ch. 2, strip 10

It'll be April soon, and I traditionally upload an April Fools' strip. Only, I've been stuck on a Sunday-style comic for a while now, so updates other than that have been... slow.
Still, I don't feel like having three April Fools strips in a row in the Archives. Accordingly, I'm trying to kick my brain into gear by making the subsequent strips in advance.

And I thought I'd give my faithful dA followers a special treat ;)


Missing strip content: they pinpoint the tiara's location by combining sympathetic magic and geometry skillz.


This strip took basically one day to make. Skipping shading other than quick pencil strokes shaves down the time somewhat. Adding an "ink" outline takes a bit of time, but makes things much clearer. I'm pretty pleased with doing background as pencil sketches rather than coloring it.
I still hand-craft the speech bubbles, which takes time, but again makes things clearer. I try to get a distinct bubble style for each characters - that way I can show a free-floating bubble, and still have it be clear who it belongs to.

Over-all I figure doing the three "normal" strips will take about half the time the Sunday-style will.


Much of the Gang's 40-year history is sketched out, and one consequence of this is that I've got a lot of "informed" running gags going, surfacing once, but with dialogue implying it's the umpteenth time.
Ai's unwitting successes with women, Nimble's kleptomania, Hook's little ways to get extra income...
One major theme is Ben's portals malfunctioning in various ways. In their time adventuring, the Gang has criss-crossed all over history and through several parallel dimensions. As a result, nowadays they're very reluctant to take one of Ben's "shortcuts".


Last time traipsing through time, they stumbled onto the Genesis of their world. Without spoiling TOO much, I'll say that Hook simply took it as an opportunity to finally, indisputably, end arguments about which one was first: the chicken or the egg.
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Okay, on consideration, this would be a bit unwieldy to reveal in a comic, so I might as well do it here.
The chicken egg came before the chicken.
This is not a generally applicable truth in this 'verse, and there's room for argument on both sides.
It's worth noticing, for example, that the *Eagle* came before the *Eagle egg*. This is because the Eagle was specifically created, while Chickens evolved/were bred out of a created precursor species, meaning that the Chicken DNA first came into existence through a mutation inside a fertilized egg.
Complicating things further, on THIS particular planet, both eagles AND elephants were in fact hatched out of huge eggs, emerging as adults, because this is a cost-effective practice on a world newly terraformed by a God. On the other hand, chickens were transmogrified from wood grouses, by use of a retrovirus, in a separate, much later instance.
HOWEVER, the Hen and Eagle are both standard species lying solidly within the Common Domain - like Humans - meaning one God can use them without intruding on another God's Divine Copyright. (Since Gods don't use lawyers, but rather enforce their rights via means ranging from curses to small relativistic black holes, this makes most Deities default to Common Domain species with a few Original Creations mixed in.)
Returning to the beginning, though, the FIRST proper chicken in creation was ORIGINALLY evolved/bred while the first Eagle was gene-designed, arguably existing in totality within the mind of its creator before being actualized as a physical creature.

So in conclusion, the chicken egg came before the chicken, and *I* may or may not have a excessively elaborate origin story for this 'verse, which might never see the light of day unless it somehow becomes relevant to the plot.

Hook zoned out halfway through the explanation, finally asked for it in written form - and got it.
Hook: "Ya realize what this means?"
Ben: "We can now auto-win the 'chicken-and-egg' bar argument?"
Nimble: "With this writing sample, we'll be able to forge the Creator's signature?"
Hook: "No, it means we can sell this thing as a genuine religious artifact! We turned a profit for once!"
Ai: *Facepalm*
.......... so? Which did come first? And what did Hook do to, um, make SURE of the answer? :)
......... so? Which one WAS first? And what did Hook do to, um, make sure of the answer? :)
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'In their time adventuring'...

You did that without deliberately thinking about it, didn't you?
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Heh, that's right. Though it does fit pretty well if you parse it the other way...
"Meet the Gang, experienced Time Adventurers!"
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That it does. Looking forward to the April's Fools comic!
hey any chance you can update your recommendation links too oh and you should read Worm if you havent seen it yet [link]
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I found Worm a few months ago, and love it, but thanks for the thought :)

I'll update the recommendation links when I do the webpage, but I might as well give a preview of that as well ;)
in brief, my recommendations to be are:
Strong Female Protagonist (webcomic) About a superheroine who decided life meant more than the cape.
Max Overacts (webcomic) A bit like Calvin and Hobbes, if Calvin had big plans as an Actor.

Kubera (korean webcomic) In a world torn by struggles between humans and monstrous Sura, Kubera Leez was given the name of a God when she was born. Now, that God has sinister plans for her...
Ran to Haiiro no Sekai (manga) Ran is a energetic 10 year-old girl with lots of magic and little control over it...

Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality (fanfiction) Magic! For SCIENCE!
Big Human on Campus (Ranma+Rosario fanfiction) Spider Jesus Ranma is BEST Ranma.
how about Mother of Learning [link] its a original fantasy timeloop
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I've updated my recommendation links now, adding a few comics I forgot in the preview. Enjoy!
Have you seen a sifi comic or… a sifi stone age settler thing  ?
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Oh yeah, I read through Set In Stone last month, and found the stonepunk Sci-Fi setting refreshing and original - it's now on my 'check regularly' list. 
(I was planning to tell you so earlier, but an untimely browser crash ate my reply, and I never got around to writing another...) 
I've put Sacred Pie on my list; I'll check it out when I have time. 
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That's an awesome story - thanks! :)
oh and ava's demon is beautiful [link]
whoo!!! now i need to reread everything to remember whats going on
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