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Setting down on the small world, the rough-hewn man found Vivian Manifold sitting in a field of flowers, creating butterflies, one after another.
"Good to see you, Viv. What's this place?", Theodor asked.
"Well", said the fair-haired incarnation of Imagination, "as you recall, I was flung into space by that Warmain."
"Yes, after you had hit him with a laser blast, a meringue pie, and a cruise missile. Why the pie?"
"It was poisoned. No matter. It was interesting at first - my first spacewalk! - but as I passed the moon, I grew increasingly bored. So I made some rock, to lie on. Then some spirits of Gravity so I COULD lie."
"You could have made a rocket. Returned home."
"I was distracted. Where was I? Yes, a bit of ocean, for the view, you know, though then I had to make some small suns, to keep it liquid. By then I was getting into it: making a mountain here, a valley there. On the third day, I created life." He scratched his neck. "Then I created air, then life again."
Ted looked around, taking in the forest, the animals, the hominids having some sort of discussion over a banana.
"Well, good job. So, you want to stay here a while or what?"
"Oh, no, I was getting bored anyway. The natives are hopeless painters - I've been teaching them for HOURS now without anything good to show for it."
Ted took the chattering Dominus in his arms, braced for leaping away, when a thought struck him.
"How long is this place going to last without you?"
"Oh, I dunno. The suns should keep for half a year or so. Why?"
Ted grunted. "Some people", he muttered, "have no sense of responsibility."
Then he leapt off.
Thought I'd just sketch out a little something to accompany the short fic, but it got away from me, and I spent about five hours on a teeny preview picture...


This kind of stuff is entirely possible in Nobilis, with starting characters. Viv and Ted have statted-out character sheets.

Vivian is the Power of Imagination, a gift-heavy character, with both Immortality and the Cornucopia gift (lesser Creation of Anything).
Ted is a more vanilla high-Aspect Power of Teddybears, with a high-strength Bond fueling his ability to perform amazing stunts (like the above planet-jumping).
I enjoy both characters, and have written a few short stories featuring their Familia.
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Ha ha, what a reliefing break from the normal everyday it was, to read your story! Hope there's more :D