Nobilis Fic: Suspension of Disbelief

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"Look", said Ted, "you don't understand. We need to see the Prime Minister at once!"
The rough-hewn man tried an intimidating glare, but the bureaucrat had his face in a sheaf of paper, and didn't notice.
"The future of Wales is at stake!", he added, without much effect.
"Sorry, you'll just have to go through the proper channels, like everybody else."

Hmf. Well, there were numerous ways of making an impression. And he even knew several that didn't involve fists. He took a deep breath to make that special low bear growl he knew, the one that got people's attention by way of their bladder control, when-
"You're dealing with the Prince of Teddybears here, you know."
"See, WE are heroic princes of Creation, and YOU are the secretary who can get us the appointment we need to save the world from the Bad Guys!"
The Dominus of Teddybears - for that was indeed his occupation - turned to his slender friend, prince and embodiment of Imagination, and hissed: "What on Yggdrasil are you DOING, Viv?"
The fair-haired dandy smiled. "Why, I'm enticing his Imagination, of course! Just look!"
The bureaucrat blinked, started to speak, but interrupted himself several times, as Vivian's miraculous will gradually exerted itself.
Then, plaintively: "Do I have to be a secretary? It seems a bit boring."
"Fine", Vivian said magnanimously. "You can also be the under-cover Secret Agent looking for evidence of spies from foreign powers."
The bureaucrat perked up. "I always thought something was up with Margaret. No-one that skilled with PowerPoint would stay in a dead-end job like hers without an ulterior motive."
"Ooh! Ooh!", a rotund woman went, from the desk over. Can I BE a spy? A super spy? And maybe I can have this fraught love affair with Mr. Fenwick?"
The secretary started. "I - I wouldn't mind that, actually."
"You see, Ted?", Vivian said smugly. "We'll see the Prime Minister in no time, now!"
"Well, as long as HE doesn't-"
At which point the Prime Minister in question strode through the door.
"I overheard your little discussion, and now I've got to ask - could you blokes use a hard-boiled detective?"

An aspect-4 facepalm is a beautiful thing to see.
Another short fic with these two characters.

Vivian could do this kind of miracle naturally, but as he is a low-Domain character, he has a specific Gift to make these things easier.
Of course, it's the nature of these things that the underlying nature of the miraculous forces used tends to leak through - in this case, the 'Jedi mind-trick'-like gift is based on expanding the imagination of everyone in hearing range to the point where what you say makes sense; appropriately, it causes people to have an overabundance of Imagination.


It's fun to speculate what kind of adventure the two had, fixing whatever was up with Wales, with the whimsical help of a growing entourage of politicians-turned-LARPers.
It's the the kind of situation that's bound to get worse before it gets better.
However, I think I'd better leave the exact proceedings - appropriately enough - to your Imagination...


Drawing a plus-sized woman in a spy catsuit was more fun than I thought; it actually looks good on her, in my opinion. Likewise, the pencil-pusher-as-federal-agent and Prime-Minister-as-hardboiled-detective turned out well.
The only thing I'm not happy about is Vivian's right hand, which kinda looks like it's in an unnatural position.


Strictly speaking, I think you'd have to use Aspect 5 to make a facepalm into a thing of beauty, but at Aspect 4 it's certainly impressive enough, not to mention beyond the means of normal men to replicate.
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