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Movie Freakout Syndrome

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Reposting some of my old comics.

Erik: "So are you watching that movie or what?"
Roland: "Of COURSE I am - can't you tell by the way I keep running up and down the stairs?"

Yeah, I do this.

My Dad has a lighter version, but in another direction.
Me, I mainly despise Baseless Assumptions, and to a lesser extent Horrible Webs of Lies.
Dad, on the other hand, hates it when people make promises they can't possibly keep (which may have to do with him being the one to apologize to customers whenever his company misses a deadline).

So while Dad holds "Fawlty Towers" to be one of the greatest comedy shows ever, and I recognize that it's a really good show - damn, but I can't watch 5 minutes in a row of it.

Cringe Comedy. Brrr.
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haha I can sooo relate to this! It's like you can't enjoy the movie if you don't identify yourself with a character but at the same time you can't enjoy the movie if you do identify with a character because of their obvious idiocy! That's probably the major reason I can't stand romantic dramas or romantic comedies because they always screw things up in horrible ways. I just stick with sci-fi and action. X)