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Hideo Hayashi's Archive, final version (Lineart) by Elyandarin Hideo Hayashi's Archive, final version (Lineart) by Elyandarin
This is the evolved version of this concept sketch for Hideo Hayashi's Archive, a location in the pen-and-paper RPG Chuubo's Marvelous Wish-Granting Engine. 

It also comes in a color version, which may show up in a later book. 


I'm fairly OK with this one. It could be made better, and I have the capability to make it better, but I won't be ashamed of it for a while, either, which is the main criteria I have to go by. (Profitability is right out, until I can throw these things together in an hour or two, instead of ten times that.) 
Still, it lacks a certain something which would make it one of my best pieces...


CMWGE is made for playing the RPG version of Ghibli movies, weird highschool anime like Kamichu, or possibly Homestuck and MLP if you tweak the rules a bit. 
The characters come pregenerated, with a lot of leeway as to gender, name, specific skills, etc - they're basically like character classes in other RPGs. More importantly, they come with pregenerated relationships, plot points and character arcs, which means you can sit down and start playing with a minimum of GM prep. It's like if a Star Wars RPG was made and designed for you playing as Luke Skywalker & Co.


This picture evolved in several stages; I made three sketches of increasing fitness, then constructed a 3D image in Google SketchUp so I could be confident I got perspective and stuff right, then this was drawn above a layer with the 3D pic as a helpful guide. 
...I figure that's really the source of what bothers me about it. If I'd drawn drew directly from imagination, it would naturally gain those proportions and qualities which make it easy on the eye - if not precisely architecturally correct. In contrast, this is more Logical, Sensible and Sane than is really good for it.


Other Chuubo's stuff: 

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