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Hideo Hayashi's Archive - concept sketch 2 by Elyandarin Hideo Hayashi's Archive - concept sketch 2 by Elyandarin
Another concept sketch for Chuubo's. I thought this one turned out nice, so I coloured it up a bit. (I had to ink it anyway, since I was travelling when I drew it and wanted the image to survive the trip via a cellphone photo.)


Hideo Hayashi's Archive is a weird building. It's unfinished, the top of it covered in tarp instead of a proper roof. A gigantic crankshaft forms the spine of the tower, included for some unidentified purpose. In certain areas at the top levels, Euclidian geometry is only ostensibly a thing, and the Dream-witch has her private lair in one of these, at the border to the Outside. (The Dream-witch, incidentally, is a playable character in CMWGE.)
It's been converted for use as an official town archive, storing paperwork and stuff.
Hideo has been living there since the whole "mind-controlled into building an potentially apocalypse-inducing glass dragon" incident made him a bit bitter and caused him to end his career as a glassmaker.


CMWGE, Chuubo's Marvelous Wish-Granting Engine - or just "Chuubo's" for short - is a tabletop RPG, in the very last phase of its kickstarter campaign (the phase where the main campaign is closed, but you can still donate via paypal).
I've done some concept pieces for Chuubo's, which I'm told is a great tool for emulating weird settings like Homestuck, MLP:FIM, Kamichu or Shingu: Secret of the Stellar Wars (though unfortunately, I haven't got a gaming group at the moment, so I haven't been able to test it).


As I've stated before, I'm not good at drawing inorganic, regular structures - partly because they're fiddly to get right, partly because I feel they're soulless, boring and not worth bothering with.
So, when I'm asked to make a building, this is the sort of thing I draw; the kind of building I wouldn't mind living in. (Though I should point out that The Archive IS supposed to be covered in tarp at the top - it's roof is unfinished.)
This organic approach of mine works well, I find, for this type of building...


Ultimately, this version of the Archive was deemed to thin. My next version, which was basically approved, has substantially more internal volume (though I'm worried that what with the crankshaft thing, maybe it's still not enough...).
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July 20, 2013
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