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Future 'When I Was Young...' stories

I rather liked this one, in my comic archives - but I thought the bubbles took up too much of the space. Also, that some colour would make the futuristic environments cooler.

So I just spent 3 hours or so polishing up this old thing. Hm, maybe I should've inked it, while I was at it...


I had fun coming up with outlandish future environments. By 2030, I assume nothing much will have changed beyond cybernetic implants and either spaceflight or (hedging my bets) good holograms.
By 2050 - Maya/Inca-designs are highest fashion.
2070 is just weird, with biotech and aliens all over the place, assuming that's even Earth - but at least the fashions finally wrapped around...


I think what we used to have was a Fairchild console; I remember the triangular joystick and yellow cartridges. Ah, the youth of gaming. That is what most of my old-people stories will be about, I suppose.
I'll moan about how the graphics were SO not the point back in the day, and we were perfectly happy with our pixels and ASCII symbols, as long as we had innovative, revolutionary gameplay.
I'll bitch about how we used to have ORIGINAL game music back when they had to improvise to get anything worthwhile out of MIDI files (the melodies of Faxanadu, Solstice etc come to mind).
I'll reminisce about when I played Leisure Suit Larry at maybe nine-years-old and went to ask Dad how to spell "contraceptive" so I wouldn't catch an STD and die.

And the kids will say "yes, Grampa, we KNOW. You gave us your old brain scans to peruse last year, remember?"

The more things change...


I dunno, this does kinda look better art-wise, but for sheer readability, I think I prefer the old everything-fits-on-one-screen version.
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This is hilarious. :D
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So awesome.
Grinding for XP, that made me chuckle.
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Nice Story

i hope we can go to that future
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I can agree with all of that.
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Denna har blivit featured här: [link] :heart:
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Tack så mycket :)
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Hehe, it made me smirk.
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Freaking future generations. They don't realize how lucky they are! :iconfoxgrrplz:
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Giggled. Good thinking :heart:
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