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Fanart: Titan, from Drew Hayes' Corpies

Corpies is a side-story to the author's main story, "SuperPowereds". Whereas the latter is about the standard young heroes in a super-school learning to be Superheroes, Corpies is about the father of one of the characters, Titan, as he makes a return to the Life.
Titan has spent the last decade or so more or less in a sulk, after the controversy when he was outed as gay. Now as he returns, the best Hero job he can get is to be the nanny for a team of Corpies - corporate-owned Supers NOT graduated from a Superhero Academy, doing stuff like Search and Rescue, disaster cleanup, photo-shoots etc, and making sure to stay far away from superfights. 
I find the concept original, and I'm a sucker for originality.
Accordingly, this is what I made fanart of when the author had a fanart contest last month. 
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Can you make hopcules? A Gaint fire breathing rabbit in armor would be awsome to see
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Amazing work; please make more!
These are great! Of the small collection that Drew has up on his site I really do think your page captures both the comic-booky style characters and is distinct enough to stretch into the real-world perspective. I'd love to see any other interpretations you have for characters in the world. I understand if you've moved on though.
Thanks for this one, it's really cool!