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Fanart: The Inscrutable Machine visits Chinatown

"Please Don't Tell my Parents I'm a Supervillain", by Richard Roberts, is one of my favourite books - I've read it about four times or so, and am eagerly awaiting the promised sequel. The other night, I had some time over, and had the impulse to do some fanart. This is the result,


The book, for those curious, focuses on thirteen-year-old Penny Akk, the daughter of two superheroes and a budding Mad Scientist, as she and her best friends gain superpowers, form a team, and - much to Penny's chagrin - accidentally get a reputation as bad-ass supervillains. 


This scene depicts Penny meeting some fellow tech-heads when their team, "The Inscrutable Machine", visits Chinatown. For villains, the mad scientists are a friendly bunch, and quickly welcome her into the group.


Quick sketch turned increasingly elaborate over 2-4 hours or so - branching out from my initial drawing of E-Claire - this is my first drawing of The Inscrutable Machine. Turned out so-so. The proportions were a bit off for the kids, making them look even younger, and Reviled's pose is pretty awful. The Mad Scientists have criminally little table surface to work with. Over-all a lot of stuff I'd want to fix. But hey, first sketch.


In case you adore Mad Science, I should mention my fanart of Narbonic, Girl Genius and Casey and Andy.
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Huzzah!  Excellent picture!  I especially like your eClaire :D  I've re read it a zillion times too.  I'm counting the days to book two, on jan 25 - but i want to read it NOW already!!!  You should do more Inscrutible Machine pics, most definately!
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This is amazing.  Not only am I hugely flattered, but I can identify most of the villains in that picture.  There's Lab Rat crouched next to the kids, the four from the right are Expert, Mechanical Aesthetic, Red Eye (and a FANTASTIC Red Eye, I totally love the design), and Cybermancer.  I suspect the last guy at the table is Butchered Man and the kid leaning against the wall is the hat thief, even though they weren't in that scene.  And it's great that you slipped Bull into the background.

This was the most fun chapter to write for me.  The chapter in the second book that's this fun is when they rob Happy Days Durable Medical Supplies.

I am right now figuring out the best ways to show this picture off.
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Thanks for the kind words :) 

The last scientist, I improvised from there being an "elderly man in a labcoat" in the group, and the kid was there because I wanted more background people, but that doesn't mean you aren't right about who they REALLY are ;) 
I was a bit ambivalent about Red Eye - I really pictured her dressed in more combat-worthy gear, to go with the interest in guns, but I also wanted to have more labcoats in the picture. But maybe she has the combat-suit on underneath the labcoat... 
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Red Eye does not have or need a specific costume.  The Evil Eye makes her entire identifiable, and she can dress for circumstances.  I'm sure she has both outfits!
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Great sketch!  E-Claire looks the most adorablest. 
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Aaaaaaaah this is awesome!! :heart: :heart: SO cool to see more people doing fanart of this book!
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This is /awesome/. I remember that scene so well! Maybe my favorite from the whole book. Bull is the best.
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