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Fanart: The Inscrutable Machine visits Chinatown



"Please Don't Tell my Parents I'm a Supervillain", by Richard Roberts, is one of my favourite books - I've read it about four times or so, and am eagerly awaiting the promised sequel. The other night, I had some time over, and had the impulse to do some fanart. This is the result,


The book, for those curious, focuses on thirteen-year-old Penny Akk, the daughter of two superheroes and a budding Mad Scientist, as she and her best friends gain superpowers, form a team, and - much to Penny's chagrin - accidentally get a reputation as bad-ass supervillains. 


This scene depicts Penny meeting some fellow tech-heads when their team, "The Inscrutable Machine", visits Chinatown. For villains, the mad scientists are a friendly bunch, and quickly welcome her into the group.


Quick sketch turned increasingly elaborate over 2-4 hours or so - branching out from my initial drawing of E-Claire - this is my first drawing of The Inscrutable Machine. Turned out so-so. The proportions were a bit off for the kids, making them look even younger, and Reviled's pose is pretty awful. The Mad Scientists have criminally little table surface to work with. Over-all a lot of stuff I'd want to fix. But hey, first sketch.


In case you adore Mad Science, I should mention my fanart of Narbonic, Girl Genius and Casey and Andy.
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