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April Fools 2012: Adventuring is Magic! by Elyandarin April Fools 2012: Adventuring is Magic! by Elyandarin
For my 11th April Fools day strip, I chose to ponify my "mane" cast. Throughout the years, my poor characters have been furrified, genderbent, age-reversed, body-swapped, modernized, evilified, style-changed, genre-changed and chibified - oh, and there was this time I had them dress up in each-other's clothes.
And now, ponification. Oh, the indignity.

Actually, if someone has a suggestion for next year, I'm receptive; I think I'll run out of ideas soon...


Nimble has lacked adequate hands in far too many April Fools strips, by his reckoning. At least he's starting to cope...


I've looked at the new My Little Pony series, and I approve.
Overall, it's a bit too simplistic for me - it's Avatar the Last Airbender that hits the spot for me when it comes to western animation - but MLP:FIM is a high-quality series that I don't mind watching, and which I imagine is actually good for children.

I mean, when I looked back at the crap I viewed as a kid... *shudder* (Any Swede who has seen the Swedish dub of Cyborg 009 will feel my pain.)


Took me hours to get this looking vaguely OK, but yeah, I'm fairly satisfied. Should I have gone for full, true cel-shading? Nah, diminishing returns.
For all that MLP is popular, it's surprisingly hard to find a character drawing reference sheet for it on Google.


In my archives, this is the first times two April Fools strips run together; I've spent the time redrawing the first dozen comics, to make them less puke-worthy. I was fine with them for the first few years, when only the art suffered in comparison, but now when I feel the scripts are equally bad...
Nyerguds Featured By Owner Feb 12, 2013
It was kinda sad to see the archives end on two consecutive April's Fools comics, though.

Also, don't sell yourself short, your scripts are great. I don't think I've ever laughed so much with a webcomic archive, and I used to read hundreds of them.
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