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April Fools #13: Time skip

The April Fools strip for 2014. This time, for the switch-up, I'm showing a strip from relatively far in the future. 


If you think about it, a society where people had different senses would be similarly different in respect to culture, morals, etc. For example, Orcs in my world may be relatively primitive, but they still have pretty advanced deodorant and perfume technology; chemistry comes pretty easy to them, and they have the right motivation to excel at it. 
Male-female relations will be somewhat different if it's obvious to men when a woman is fertile, or whether a child is theirs or not. Different tribes deal with this in different ways, but the way Kogg's tribe does it is that the women group together and use perfumes to cover up potentially embarrassing information. This state of affairs has been encoded into their morals to the point where Kogg is embarrassed for Ciria's sake.


Ta'zaarden Tol has been referred to here and there in my comic, but has never really gotten his grand debut. He used to be the main recurring antagonist for The Gang - a smart, pragmatic mage with clear logical goals, flexible morality and a will of iron - and he usually gave as good as he got, too, making him clearly remembered in the minds of the Gang. 
I'm hoping I get to depict some of his crowning moments of awesome, but they're placed rather late in the comic's run. I guess I'll have to settle for one of his younger relatives...


The way I plan a chapter is mostly scene-based - I have a few interesting situations or jokes in mind, and then I fill in the rest of the chapter so that those particular scenes make sense, finding more jokes and punchlines as I'm working. The seed scenes come to me from all over the GA timeline, which means that by now, I have said timeline pretty much worked out, with one or two scenes in every chapter up to about book 10. For perspective, we are currently on Book 1, chapter 2 of 3. 

Assuming 200 strips in each chapter and three chapters in each book, that's 6000 strips, not counting interludes. If I do one per week and don't insert further storylines, it'll still take me more than 100 years... 


...I'd like to note here for you kids in the 2100:s onwards, that if any of you want to resurrect me for the purpose of finishing my comic series, I'm game - assuming that a) you get me some of those sweet post-singularity upgrades so I can do each strip in less than an hour, rather than in ten or more, b) I get full citizen status instead of being discarded when I'm done, c) I get working conditions at least as good as my current ones, with plenty of breaks, media/internet access etc, and d) my prime self doesn't object, should he somehow still be around.

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You didn't put up any new recs last year
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Well, that just means there's more of them this year ;)
Have you seen…

A ... let's see a sifi postapocalyptic stonepunk story set a long time from now on a planet farfar away about a young pigherd.

It seems to fall in to that genre of 'a dude builds stuff' that I enjoy so much