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His dream, your effort - BATIM - NewSoulAU


His dream, your effort - BATIM - NewSoulAU

Our entrance door was to be the exact spot where I used to lay my eyes on him since he started that project with his friend Mr drew, next thing I know, he drags himself to the bed leaving his sketchbook on some furniture he fails to locate the next day, then immediately falls asleep. How could I blame him for chasing his dream? He talked often about seeing his little devil darling alive in the silver screen, making people laugh and enjoy Bendy’s whacky adventures, he didn’t hesitated once to discuss the plot of his next episode with me and even ask me for “advice”, as he names my opinions, for choosing points of view and background design. He was coming back to home every three or four days in the first two months; I figured he really needed a couch somewhere in the workshop. He casually stated he was sleeping on his desk for a whole month during his nights in the studio in the middle of a conversation; it was an utter carelessness from Mr Drew to leave his employees in there high and

Joey's rhapsody NewSoulAU but it works forallBATIM


Joey's rhapsody NewSoulAU but it works forallBATIM

His palms are sweaty Joints weak Arms are heavy There ‘re drawings on his desktop already Sort of messy He’s nervous, but on the surface looks kalm and ready To drop bombs, but he can’t stop regretting Every lost time, the whole mind goes so loud Already blind, imagination won’t shut down He’s hiding it, but Joey had just peeked around Projects talk, “Let’s start a studio!” Things went south Snap back to reality Oh, there goes gravity Oh, deadlines blast it He’s choke, concept drawing is lost Midnight ‘lready, his boss’s Voice shouting indoor His body pleading: “Go home!” Being a reckless stubborn Presentiments untold, Ruining a frame won’t help “Well, that’s not how we make A walking Bendy” (Shut up) Staring at his ring again; This whole rhapsody [music stops] “…Still, someone has to make this happen. When it doubt, just keep drawing Henry…” (I can’t add good beats to a sad story, right?)

You okay with me raising you, Bendy? - NewSoulAU


You okay with me raising you, Bendy? - NewSoulAU

“Ya know Henry, there was always a question in my mind, how did you draw us the first time?” Bendy asks me. “Eh you see, I used a pencil and some paper…” “No, what drove you to choose these forms? Where did your inspiration come from?” He explains further, he reminds me of Charlie and Wendy when they were toddlers. “I guess it was the subconscious mind…?” “And whaddis that?” God, he’s determined to push me to practicing more my teaching skills, I think I should give it a shot with some children when we… get out of here…. Okay, let’s keep this issue aside for now. “Well, I don’t know how this one works, but I read that it’s an essential part of the mind that registers things our conscious mind are not aware of, it also guides it when we take decisions and act fast in everyday life, it can be influenced by almost anything.” He looks more confused now. “… And what exactly is the conscious? ...” “Uhh…” He still waiting for an answer whereas my mind goes foggy, I can’t even muster up one

Deceived - a NewSoulAU fanfic - BATIM


Deceived - a NewSoulAU fanfic - BATIM

After an intense argument about the necessity of collecting tapes and the best way of doing it, we decided to split into three: Sammy went to the music department, Thomas and Allison were exploring the offices where The Butcher Gang was lurking around, while Henry and I were in the projectionist’s offices searching for some tape of Mr Drew he thinks he remembers. He barely convinced Sammy that if anything goes wrong, I would just turn into my beast form and protect my artist. After all, Henry clearly stated that the only creature that was wandering in this inky abyss was the projectionist whom I ripped apart. No one can really expect a searcher or any other monster to appear around here… Despite that fact, all I could sense was imminent danger, not even the oozing sound of the ink slowing Henry’s steps could muffle the irrational feeling. I assumed I got disoriented because of his frustration when he noticed that the ink level slightly went up comparing to the last time he was here.
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For the ones who follow my BATIM AU, I made a separate folder so you can read all the comics in chronological order, to understand the story better! https://www.deviantart.com/elwensa/gallery/75506054/batim-new-soul-au-chronological-order
To everyone following my New Soul AU, your prayers have been answered: Now (most of) the comic pages have previous/next buttons! ^^
Bonjour tout le monde. Just pour vous avertir, je me posterai pas grand chose ses prochaines semaines. J'ai des examens importants qui commence dans deux semaines jusqu'à fin mai, et il faut que je me concentre uniquement là dessus. Je serais de reto...

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xRaytheRedxNew Deviant

Sorry I dumped a bucket-full of stars all over your stuff XD :heart:

I like your art by the way, I have my own character!

Jet The Flying Squirrel

Heya! A few weeks ago I got permission to use some of New Soul’s elements in a fic of mine, provided I grant a link to it. I wanted to thank you and follow up to say the fic is now on Wattpad with more chapters set to be published over the weekend.

Thanks so much!

ElwensaHobbyist General Artist

I read the few first chapter and it looks pretty neat so far! Keep up the good work! ^^

JordantheCat11Professional Digital Artist
Dear God, your artwork is beautiful! I love your Bendy comics especially! Great job! :D
ElwensaHobbyist General Artist
Thank you! :D
JordantheCat11Professional Digital Artist
You’re welcome! ^^