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Batman and Doctor Who



This one exists for no other reason than "AWESOME!!!!" Seriously, someone should get this team-up rolling (though a Superman Doctor Who team up probably makes more sense... but whatever, someone get it done!)
This took a LONG time to get done because of the sheer amount of research required. For one thing, I really wanted to get the 70"s Brave and the Bold cover vibe going while also connecting with the modern Who stuff (I know it would make more sense to use Baker or Pertwee as my Doctors, but I wanted to use my favorite Doctors, and my favorite Batman. Whatever, sue me.) The Grays took a bit longer and seemed a bit flat, so I decided to use the warmer colors (oranges) to sort of "heat" up the piece, and give it a bit of a pop. I think it turned out nicely (there are things that nag at me like crazy... and I'm still developing my markering, so I'm not quite there yet) but I think it will make for some nice prints overall. And, before I go... SOMEONE GET THIS GOING!!!
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Plot twist: one of those doctors is an impostor.