Iz Got a New Haircut!!

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Soooooo, I got my hair chopped off yesterday!:jawdrop: I had a hair appt and the night before, I just decided I wanted something new and drastic! I picked out a hair style and between my friend, Adam and my pal, WayWardWarrior, I decided to go ahead and do it (don't ask why I asked for 2 male opinions when it came to hair:omfg:. I love how it came out. My hair stylist never lets me down. I've never had my hair this short…ever! I've always had long hair. It's so weird to feel air on the back of my neck. Lol! And I keep swishing my hair back and forth because the short hairs in the back tickle.*snort* I had promised to take pictures to show my new haircut so here they are. It's a front and side view of it:

So, what about you guys? What kind of hair style do you have? Long, short, medium? And, would you drastically change your hair if the opportunity arose?


:onfire:Commissions Open!!:onfire:

*Chibi* - $15

*Half body* (waist-up) - $25

*Full body* - $40

*Sketch* - Any - $15

*Completed Line Art* (Full Body) - $20

+ White background by default. Additional charges apply for custom background.
Sizes will be in 300dpi and file sent to you via email.

Want a signed print of the artwork sent to you? Add an additional $8 to your order letting me know you want a print. More information will be exchanged from there.

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JulieThuyDo's avatar
So pretty~! It look so anime style :3
psychogizmo's avatar
Wah. I can't see the photos. =(

My hair's long. I cut it to about my shoulders almost a year ago.
kawaiitas's avatar
aw that's so cute, I really love the red shiny color in it <3

I have like.. loooong blond hair. and I dyed it black underneath :3
BlueWingxx31's avatar
^^ i think your new hairstyle's nice ^^
mii. im not sure. i used to have a short bob but well. now it grew longer and stuff so i got a haircut but. that was months ago. so now i has this tako-head >< i mean. it reminds me of an octopus shape (except that it curls like *coughihatetosaythisbut* the Ohm symbol thingy in physics ><;)

wondering if i should get it cut again though. the weather's warm ><
ElvesAteMyRamen's avatar
lol! An octopus shape hair? I kinda want to see what that looks like.:XD:
BlueWingxx31's avatar
> . <
uhh try adding me on facebook and you should be able to see the profile pic with the funny hair ><
tarleina's avatar
That is super cute!
Rin-89's avatar
It looks really nice! I like it a lot. And you're really pretty.
kiryami's avatar
Aw, it's lovely. x3

My hair is short, black, and messy. (the way I like it) I never ask my guyfriends. They always tell me to keep it long. *shrug*
ElvesAteMyRamen's avatar
lol! Yeah, guys tend to like what they like.:XD:
kiryami's avatar
nicoletaggart's avatar
Very cute! I must say as much as I like my hair long, short hair is just more fun. You go girl! :D
ElvesAteMyRamen's avatar
Yeah, I've always had long hair but looking at the styles for long hair vs. medium to short hair...there's SO many more variations they can do. But I think whatever works for you is what you should do.:nod:
ShadowedTwilight's avatar
My goodness your hair looks really thick! But I think it's absolutely Gorgeous! I'm jealous. :3

It's funny that you ask about hdrastic hair changes. Because just a few months, I actually chopped my hair off too, same as you. Cept shorter. And I've had long hair for as long as I can remember. And I was always so proud of my hair.

If there was ever one thing I wouldn't mind bragging about myself, it would definitely be my hair. Which is super silly.

But I really like the new do. Very cute. And also, I LOVE the color. :D
ElvesAteMyRamen's avatar
Thanks! Yeah, my hair is fine but thick...meaning, it's a bitch to put up or curl.:giggle: And glad you like the color too! I've had that color for awhile now but just got highlights put in this time.:boogie:

I bet your hair is very purty!! I think hair is very important! Regardless of what length, color, or style, it should always look nice because then, you look nice! Heehee!

Was your hair long enough to donate? Mine wasn't.:(
ShadowedTwilight's avatar
My thoughts exactly! Hair is super important!
And YES! I did get to donate. I felt really good about that. :)
kayrie's avatar
Wow, your stylist did a fantastic job!

I know what you mean about feeling air on the back of your neck...especially from having long hair all your life previously. It's just strange. However, unlike you, the first time I had a short pixie cut, way short. It was summer, and it was great to not have to worry about those plastic hair clips again.
ElvesAteMyRamen's avatar
Yes, my stylist is amazing!:clap:

Aye, it is nice for these summer days! I always had to carry around hair ties, clips, anything! I even have those EZ Combs you see on tv:giggle: Well, my hair is still long enough I can still put my hair back if I reeeeeeeally needed too.

How long is the pixie cut? Like above the neck-ish?
kayrie's avatar
I would say it is just above the neck, a teensy little bit longer.
Shortness-KK's avatar
Such a coincidence that my hair was cut yesterday as well. But not as drastic as yours. That cut looks so beautiful on you.
I lived with long hair all my life and the cut I got shows off my neck, which Im not used to, but I love it anyway. I would definately do a drastic haircut if the opportunity shows itself.
ElvesAteMyRamen's avatar
Oh wow, that is a coinkidink! It is nice to feel the air on the neck, isn't it? Don't know why...probably since it's something you're not used to after having long hair.
Kyo-krazy's avatar
Oh awesome!! that looks good! haha very nice :) and my hair's long, but I'm most likely gonna keep it that way xD though I'm probably getting blue tips soon :D
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