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********** Baren bar lin. Le hannon a tholel! <3 *****


:icontolkienplz: to Elves of Tolkien group!! :icontolkienplz:

We are group for everyone who love/like/is obsessed with Tolkien's elves! <3

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Our theme for November and December is Curiosity.

Curiosity is primarily defined as a strong desire to know or learn something. It is a characteristic we see in the youngest of children and is a concept we carry with us our entire lives.

Curiosity is a keen interest, a spirit of inquiry or inquisitiveness. It can be a child's first exploration of the world around them, a teenager's inquiry into affairs they are not meant to privy to quite yet, a traveler's interest in a new location or culture.

Curiosity can be a benign attribute, evoking encouragement or amusement in those it is directed towards.

But curiosity can also have a more sinister side, when unbridled inquisitiveness becomes intrusive or delves too deeply into secrets or situations better left alone. Sometimes our curiosity gets the better of us and we end up discovering something we were not meant to know. Or finding ourselves in awkward situations of having overstepped boundaries or betraying a trust. Curiosity can result in finding oneself in unsavory circumstances.There is yet another permutation of curiosity—defined as a strange or unusual object or fact.

Will your story invoke the unquenchable curiosity of a young hobbit? Or a Wood Elf's yearning for more understanding of the greater world? Are secrets uncovered by a solitary Dwarf that would have been better left alone?

Does your story take a character along a line of questioning that benefits them or leads to misunderstandings?

Did the residents of Hobbiton think Bilbo's mementos from his travels were mere curiosities of no consequence?

Whatever you decide to present - curiosity as a pursuit of knowledge, or as a prying irritation or even as an unexpected object or realization - please show some curiosity and review our rules for submission.

The deadline for this challenge is December 31.

Send your entries to The contest is anonymous and the entry can't be posted publicaly until the results of the challenge are announced. Please mind our rules when submitting your entries for the contest.

Happy writing and drawing!

Your Teitho-moderators,

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We also like to help promote other Group contests, news, and features, so don't hesitate to send us a note with all the details!

Gallery Folders

ha ha ha...fuck you legolas... by Kibbitzer
Art nouveau Lothlorien by Moumou38
Younger times by Moumou38
Fire of Sauron by Arboriss
Eol by Arboriss
Fingon by Arboriss
Maedhros by Arboriss
Little Aredhel and Turgon by EPH-SAN1634
Caranthir the Dark by the-ALEF
Celegorm by the-ALEF

Mature Content

Death in Doriath by the-ALEF
Western Fantasy Challenge: Celeborn by ShizukaxxxSecret
Inktober: Maeglin and friend by alystraea
Aegnor by the-ALEF
Aegnor by the-ALEF
"S." and "S".
King Thranduil in his Realm by Menkhar
Pumpkin cake by Menkhar
Elven pumpkin celebration by Menkhar
Poisonous - Inktober 2018 by aegeri
180929 Legolas by ArtofLisaMorgan
Legolas Autumn design by VoidOfAll
Legolas by sophiexxth
Legolas Greenleaf - fully digital by Neldorwen
Elwing with Nauglamir by Periannart
Shadow of a Voice by Nelyasun
Arwen's daughter by MirachRavaia
Escape to the Woods by Nelyasun
First age
Glorfindel and Ecthelion 90s anime by EPH-SAN1634
Father and Daughter by Windrelyn
Keeping Secrets by Nelyasun
Fingolfin_sketch by sstefiart
Second age
Elves in Andunie by MatejCadil
Spicy Hot from the East by Nelyasun
Barbarian Relative Talk by Nelyasun
Elrond: 'Who wants some?' by conradknightsocks
Third age
Erestor - Rhythm of the rain by Windrelyn
Flower for Chief Advisor by Windrelyn
Thranduil and his wife by Windrelyn
LOTR - Woodland Realm Blade Master by Arbiter376
Port on the Isle of Balar by sstefiart
FC-s and OC-s
Mirkwood Elf by VoidOfAll
Artisan Crafts
Gothic Fairy ears by Lyriel-MoonShadow
Legolas - puppy eyed by SmilingOfTheHealer
Stamp: Elvish Language None by Alpanu
King of the Woodland Realm by sorasaku-hermi
Contest winners
The king's new family by Hemhet
Elflings - contest
Elves-of-Tolkien: Elflings by junebug96
Between the lines- CONTEST
Silmarillion: The Bidding of the Minstrel by LadyElleth
Never seen before - CONTEST
Nienor's Fall at Cabed-en-Aras by Nim-lock


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Celebrian by Moonlight-prisoner
It's Celebrían, daughter of Galadriel and Celeborn
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