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Ioannes and Mehmed the Conqueror

By Elveo
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John Sphrantzes and Mehmed el-Fatih

“My love! If I have sinned against you, oh, my affliction,

Kill me! For who can endure the suffering of a curse of love?”

Avni (Sultan Mehmed II), ghazal no.18. My translation from original:

Sevdigüm ise señi günâhum behey âfet

Öldürme beni cevr ile kim ‘ışk belâdur.

“After this he appointed some of the youths of high family, whom he had chosen according to their merits, to be in his bodyguard and to be constantly near him, and others to other service as his pages. He admired them for their prudence and other virtues and for their training. They were indeed of signal physical beauty and nobility and talent of soul, and in their manners and morals they were outstanding, for they were of high and renowned ancestry and splendid physique, and well trained in the royal palace”.  (History of Mehmed the Conqueror by Kritovoulos. Part I. Charles T. Riggs)

From the chapter “Arrival of Embassies to the Sultan at Adrianople” which took place in 1453 just after the fall of Constantinople. It means there was John among the boys chosen by the sultan.

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The logic behind Islam’s (non Wahhabi) loopholes makes my head hurt even as it appeals to my Liberal streak. Like the one that separated Mead from Wine and Beer. The Wahhabi, while more extreme and intolerant, is more consistently logical. The point was the ALCOHOL not the grapes, Wheat or honey.
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Mehmed was a Sunni Muslim, but not a Wahhabi in any way, in his poems he laughed at fanatics. He led strict religious policy but yet, sufism was way more closer to his heart. Despite being a Ghazi he was among the tolerant rulers of his era.
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Too bad he couldn’t instill Sufism consistently into his sons and grandsons. Did he grasp how cruel the draft was for Christian parents, even if the children were well treated? They were the real victims of the draft. I’d rather die for my children before letting them be kidnapped.
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That is history and better not to judge it from own point of view. There are many truths even in modern time, the truths that we don't know and which many always mistake for the other thing.
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This is absolutely gorgeous! I love the composition of this piece--I really appreciate how the sun sits between the two of them. It's very intimate 
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Thanks for the little more constructiveness in comments, I like to hear what exactly people love about certain work.
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Absolutely! Your piece was composed so beautifully, I couldn't help but tell you <3 
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Thank you again, my dear.
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No, I disagree!  رائع أَعشقُ نظرة الحب و الحنان علي وجه محمد الفاتح و ايضا جون فتى جميل لكن لسوء الحض له نهاية حزينة و مؤلمة
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لأنه كان واقعاً في حبه
والفتى كان على خطأ، أراد أن يقتل السلطان
لكن أحب كلتاهما 
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They look very cool 💛♥
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Hot summers need coolness :3
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Glad to see Mehmed and his loves again. :meow:
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Yeah, it's an old work, just remembered that I forgot to share it on DA Sweating a little... 
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