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Sultan Mehmed Fatih and Prince Radu cel Frumos, son of Dracul. Close up of boys' sweet faces here.

Dear boy, you have Jesus’ lip and the face of the sun.
A zunnār is inscribed on your face. You have the hair of the cross. 
You attack in search of captives.
Khāqānī is captive to you. What to do, boy?

Khaqani (1120-1190)

“Another way to explain the secrets of love is to take each letter separately and consider another word which starts with that letter. For example, ’ain which is the first letter of ’ishq is also the first letter of the Arabic word ’ain (eye). Shin, the second letter of ’ishq, is the first letter of sharab (wine) as well as shawq (yearning), and qaf is the first letter of qiyam (subsistence). The order of these letters is of course very important. Love begins with seeing, then it continues with drinking the wine of yearning and becoming utterly intoxicated, and finally, after self-annihilation, the lover will subsist through the self of the beloved”.
Ahmad Ghazali “Sawanih” (chapter 56)

And I'd share an interesting poem by Nesimî (1369-1417) which I really loved and I'm planning to translate it soon.

Nîgârım dilberim yârim nedîmim mûnisim cânım
Refîkim hem-demim ömrüm revânım derde dermânım

Şehim mâhım dil-âramım hayâtım dirliğim rûhum
Penâhım maksadım meylim medârım fikretim cânım

Kamer-çehrem perî-rûyum zarîfim şuhûm ü şengim
Semen-bûyum gül-endâmım zehî serv-i gülistânım

Zarîfim nâzikim hûbum habîbim turfa mahbûbum
Hicâz’ım Kâbe vü Tûr’um behiştim hûr u Rıdvân’ım

Çerâğım şem’im ü nûrum ziyâım yıldızım şemsim
Hezârım bülbülüm verdim Nesîmî-i hoş-elhânım

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Jesus Christ! How is it that Radu looks so goddamn beautiful in every single picture you draw him in. I really love your art. :) 
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Really? Awww I'm glad to know that :D
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Who can reject such an offfer? so beautiful creature...:clap:
I read the poem of Nesimi also and adore your dense knowledge of literature
 I am sure that you know it but ı am adding the very well known poe of Nesimi below. If you read it carefully you may understand that he is a open minded man and he was not care what the others says...

" Ben melamet hırkasını kendim geydim yenime
Ar u namus şişesi,ni taşa çaldım kime ne?

Gah çıkarım gökyüzüne seyrederim alemi
gah inerim yeryüzüne seyreder alem beni

Sofular haram dediler bu aşkın şarabına
ben doldurur ben içerim günah benim kime ne

Nesimi'ye sordular ki yarin ile hoş musun
Hoş olayım olmayayım o yar benim kime ne
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Yeah this boy offered him his heart :nod:
My knowledge is not that dense, dear, I'm still a beginner. Yes such poetry as of Nesimi was typical for that era, free thinking, free from fanaticism. That's why I admire medieval and renaissance authors from Turkey.
Hermetic-Wings's avatar
ıIwish we can have an opportunity to discuss such dense subjects face to face...If you like I can teach you some main things about Turkish language. Nesimi had a tragic life even if those time were allowing such free minded men can continue to create so beautiful and sincere poems
I am waiting for your latest submissions, please don't stop...:D
Elveo's avatar
I wish to. Who knows? Perhaps one day I'll come to Istanbul :3
That was the time of brilliant creators... 
I won't, dear. I'm just busy with work but I prepare updates! Stay tuned Clap 
Hermetic-Wings's avatar
ıf you plan to visit Istanbul please please inform me; please...I am loyal fan of your neat style
Elveo's avatar
Ohhh one day I will visit that city again! Cause my heart is there, awww :love: remake II 
Hermetic-Wings's avatar
please do it soon... I would love to join you to share some good places of my beloved city...And share some stories about it maybe...
 Please have a nice day :d
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Aw thank you for your hospitality! I would surely love to explore every corner of Istanbul because this city holds memories of tremendous past, and to listen to stories from a Turkish person. Size de iyi günler efendim!
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How sweet and lovely. Is this part of a modern au?
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Thanks! Ouu, why modern? It's just right renaissance style. I wonder is there any element in the artwork that makes it seem modern? :confused:
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Oops so sorry! I saw your other OC's on tumblr the couple with the galaxy and they looked somewhat similar in style and framing.
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Oh really, nice, perhaps yeah, same atmosphere. 
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Wow it's So beautiful
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Thank you, dear :3
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